Trudeau Sucks at Feminism

Trudeau Sucks at Feminism Faith Goldy of explains why Trudeau's first meeting with Trump proves yet again that Canada's PM is a fake feminist. MORE: WATCH Faith's weekly show! miss a new Rebel video: *** Read Original Article Here   … [Read more...]

Robyn, The Red Pill and The Rabbit Hole

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It is not ok to joke about killing men

It is not ok to joke about killing men At some point when everyone was busy believing that feminism had something to do with achieving equality, Clementine Ford arrived on a broomstick. She confidently announced she was here to fix gender inequality and people blindly believed her. While everyone was so busy virtue signalling that all things fem are fabulous, people stopped noticing our societal moral compass had turned into devil’s horns. In a copy of her book, ‘Fight Like A Girl’, she wrote a note to a fan. It asked “Have you killed any men today? And if not, why not?” Read that again. Read Original Article Here     … [Read more...]

Evalion: Fat acceptance is bullshit – Trigglypuff Dance Remix!!

Trigglypuff Dance Remix!! (Official Version) Join the Mug Club: infamous Trigglypuff dubstep remix you didn't even know you wanted. Courtesy of Louder With Crowder and Ben Walding. Get triggered...Read more at http://LouderWithCrowder.comFollow me on Twitter: me on Facebook: full #TrigglyPuff context watch the video-podcast below: hear the original anti-SJW rant, click the link below: see more students get triggered at UofM and actually demand an end to free speech on campus: Read Original Article Here … [Read more...]