The Cranky Old Bastard 23 a Politically Incorrect Podcast

It’s Episode 23 of The Cranky Old Bastard Podcast. Ripping into the new of today never fearing if we are politically correct or not.  We take on the tough subjects such as Feminism, the attacks on freedom, politics and so much of the crap that affects our everyday lives Khadr payoff a slap in the face to all who serve Mark our words, the $10.5 million payout to Canadian-born al-Qaeda combatant Omar Khadr will be a millstone around the Liberals’ neck that will hopefully sink any hope they had at re-election. The majority of Canadians are sickened. They have had enough. We have had enough. Our prime minister, off at the G20 summit, didn’t even have the guts to face Canadians himself, and sent out three of his cabinet ministers to polish … [Read more...]