What we really need is …

Ok so my love of hockey won out over my loathing of the Olympics, and I watched the Olympic Hockey. I have to say that both the women’s and men’s team were Great and both won gold. But should this make me a proud Canadian? My answer is yes and NO. Yes because we have shown the world that we as a nation Rule the Sport. No because how can I be proud of a country that spends $6.5 BILLION on the Olympics when there are people here in Canada that have to make a choice between feeding their family or paying rent. Come on people: is our image as a country defined by how good we are at sports, or should it be defined by how we treat our own citizens?  We have traded our reputation for having the best health care and education system in the world to winning the most … [Read more...]

Why Americans LOVE CANADA

A friend sent this to me this morning; this is by NO MEANS to be taken as a sign I am supporting the Olympics, or I like Americans but NBC has just become my favourite American broadcaster.[vsw id="HfVyix1xC3I" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"] But lets discuss the Olympics for a moment. I have been doing some thinking and maybe there might be some thing good to come from the Olympics. Maybe a new category for the Darwin Awards for Olympic Athletes. The First one can go to the Georgian Luge guy. Now let me give you some good solid arguments against the Olympic Games; $100 million for the Fastest Luge track in the world and because of one guy everybody will be starting from the women’s start Point. I guess as far as the Olympics are … [Read more...]

10 Reasons to boycott the Olympics in Vancouver

Everyone is talking about the upcoming Winter Olympics taking place in Vancouver this month. Just to set the record straight I am boycotting the Olympics and I thought I would enlighten you all so you can in some lame way be more like me. 10. They are in Vancouver aka Hongcouver The best thing about Vancouver is the fact that it is in BC. Trust me once you get there you will know why anybody with any fucking sense lives on the Island. 9. The people running this fucking gong show awarded a young girl the chance to be a presenter of the medals, and then when they found out she was a larger body type girl they turned around and said she was too fat to fit into the costume. WAY TO GIVE A KID A BODY ISSUE. 8. The Games are fixed and we know who will win the … [Read more...]