Trudeau Sucks at Feminism

Trudeau Sucks at Feminism Faith Goldy of explains why Trudeau's first meeting with Trump proves yet again that Canada's PM is a fake feminist. MORE: WATCH Faith's weekly show! miss a new Rebel video: *** Read Original Article Here   … [Read more...]

It is not ok to joke about killing men

It is not ok to joke about killing men At some point when everyone was busy believing that feminism had something to do with achieving equality, Clementine Ford arrived on a broomstick. She confidently announced she was here to fix gender inequality and people blindly believed her. While everyone was so busy virtue signalling that all things fem are fabulous, people stopped noticing our societal moral compass had turned into devil’s horns. In a copy of her book, ‘Fight Like A Girl’, she wrote a note to a fan. It asked “Have you killed any men today? And if not, why not?” Read that again. Read Original Article Here     … [Read more...]

50 Questions for Feminists

50 Questions for Feminists Inspired by Buzzfeed's "36 Questions Women Have For Men" video, I came up with 50 questions for feminists.Follow-up video: Another 50 Questions for Feminists: follow-up video: 50 Questions for Feminists #3: read more at   … [Read more...]

Cranky Old Bastard 18 Politically Incorrect

This is the first show inn over 4 years and it is a dozy, we take on feminism, the rape culture and more. We also go after the some great other politically incorrect items throughout the show show just check it out and enjoy. Somme of the things we cover and did not get a chance at. 13 Sneaky Ways To Turn Your Man Into A Feminist Butch. Man hater. Feminist. All these words turn men off. But what if you can change that? What if you can make your man see the other side of things? The media portrays feminists as rabid man haters, although we are far from hating men. We love men, we love our fathers, and we love, love, love our sons. What we don’t like is the patriarchal system that dictates that women are not equal to, or as good as, men. Is equal pay for … [Read more...]