The Cranky Old Bastards inaugural Podcast – It’s a fucking Shame

That the act of so few people has given a bad name to the greatest Country in the world. Wednesday we witnessed the acts of a few hooligans who decided that they were going  to start rioting after Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It was noticed that the anarchist group the Belaclavas was the main instigators last night. These are the same assholes that show up at all major events around the world. G8 in TO and Seattle, riots in England, Spain, Germany, NY and Wash. to name a few. But the blame is not only with them. The City of Vancouver needs to take some of the responsibility. They were not fucking prepared for what they should have known was going to happen. They saw it in 94 and they were unprepared then also. It is time for the NHL to step up and … [Read more...]