Sweaty Pigs

No I don’t mean the fat fucking cops you see at the doughnut shops. I mean the ignorant fuckers that are working out at the gym and refuse to wipe down the equipment once they are done using it. I guess they think that their sweat is pure nectar and we should be grateful they left it there for us. Guess what asshole it stinks almost as bad as you do. I wipe the equipment down once I am done with it, so why the fuck should I have to wipe it down after you use it? Could it be that you are too busy worrying that the steroids you have been taking are shrinking your already tiny cock even smaller? Or have they already decreased your fine motor skills to the point that grabbing a spray bottle and paper towel are too far out of your capacity? Do you really think that the … [Read more...]

The Power of the pussy and why I like WHORES

I know I have said this before but the majority of power in the world is held by women. In the hopes of getting his dick into that slit between your legs, some guys will be willing to do anything.  Including Murder As today’s title says I like whores. With a whore you know what getting laid is going to cost you from the outset. It is the perfect relationship. You both know that her pussy is a commodity you negotiate a fair price for that commodity, exchange money, and get down to business. She is happy because she has the money to buy the shit that she wants and you are happy because, well let’s face it you just got laid. And whores don’t care how fast the car you have is. They don’t give a fuck if you afford to take them to the places they want to go to. You … [Read more...]

What is next, Faith Healer in a box??

Now I am NOT uncaring and heartless. I have some sympathy for the people in Haiti. But I find this to be insulting to the haitian people, as well as the people who are down there trying to help out. Solar-powered Bibles sent to Haiti Posted Tue Jan 19, 2010 2:39pm AEDT As international aid agencies rush food, water and medicine to Haiti's earthquake victims, a United States group is sending Bibles. But these aren't just any Bibles; they're solar-powered audible Bibles that can broadcast the holy scriptures in Haitian Creole to 300 people at a time. The Faith Comes By Hearing organisation says its Bible, called the Proclaimer, delivers "digital quality" and is designed for "poor and illiterate people". It says 600 of the devices are already on their … [Read more...]