Sweaty Pigs

No I don’t mean the fat fucking cops you see at the doughnut shops. I mean the ignorant fuckers that are working out at the gym and refuse to wipe down the equipment once they are done using it. I guess they think that their sweat is pure nectar and we should be grateful they left it there for us. Guess what asshole it stinks almost as bad as you do.

I wipe the equipment down once I am done with it, so why the fuck should I have to wipe it down after you use it? Could it be that you are too busy worrying that the steroids you have been taking are shrinking your already tiny cock even smaller? Or have they already decreased your fine motor skills to the point that grabbing a spray bottle and paper towel are too far out of your capacity? Do you really think that the pretty girl working behind the counter when you come in gives a fuck about you? No she doesn’t she sees how filthy you are and wonders if your house is as disgusting as you are.

Now while we are on the topic of the gym and gym etiquette. Why do all the old fuckers do a set on piece of equipment and then sit there for  20 minutes to catch their breath just to do another set, all the while there are people wanting to use that certain piece of equipment? If you have to take that fucking long to recover maybe you should not be using it in the first fucking place. All the other old fucks are standing around the same piece having a social hour. Personally I think they are waiting to see which one of you fuckers has a massive heart attack first.

Hey there is a fucking plan we should start running a pool on which of you old cocksuckers will kick off first. Maybe then you old puss buckets will decide to have your social time at Tim Horton’s instead of the Gym…No wait make that Starbucks I hate those fuckers too and I like Timmie’s.

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Until next time
I remain

The Cranky Old Bastard
(but not as old as the fucking dinosaurs I mentioned above)