Legion, The Book of Eli, The Simpsons and The Roman Catholic Church

I was watching the  Simpson's 20th Anniversary special and they said that they had offended the Roman Catholic Church. So I had to wonder WHAT THE FUCK?  I know the Catholics have their heads stuck up their asses but I did NOT think they were this anal. Apparently there is some Catholic motherfucker that feels  that his church is being persecuted by the Simpson's. All I have to say to that is , NOW YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS COCKSUCKER. Now I am NOT saying ALL CATHOLICS ARE COCKSUCKERS! Just the ones that are in the Clergy and about 95% OF THE REST. Now usually being a cocksucker would be a good thing in my books. Matter of fact pretty much any girl who is a cocksucker is fucking great in my books, as long as it is MY cock she is sucking. But in this case I am using … [Read more...]