Legion, The Book of Eli, The Simpsons and The Roman Catholic Church

I was watching the  Simpson’s 20th Anniversary special and they said that they had offended the Roman Catholic Church. So I had to wonder WHAT THE FUCK?  I know the Catholics have their heads stuck up their asses but I did NOT think they were this anal. Apparently there is some Catholic motherfucker that feels  that his church is being persecuted by the Simpson’s. All I have to say to that is , NOW YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS COCKSUCKER.

Now I am NOT saying ALL CATHOLICS ARE COCKSUCKERS! Just the ones that are in the Clergy and about 95% OF THE REST. Now usually being a cocksucker would be a good thing in my books. Matter of fact pretty much any girl who is a cocksucker is fucking great in my books, as long as it is MY cock she is sucking. But in this case I am using cocksucker as a slur.

But back to my rant. The Catholic Church has persecuted so many other religions that it is about fucking time some one  turned the tables on them. They have kept so many things hidden from the rest of the world, that anything that doesn’t fit into their Dogma is dismissed as heresy.

Matter of fact the Entire Christian faith has been diminishing so rapidly that the hypocrites in Rome feel the need to boost their following by influencing the movie industry to produce SHIT like Legion and The Book of Eli, in order to make their outdated , anti free thought, treat the people like mindless sheep dogma appear to be more interesting to the average  dumb fuck (That means YOU).

So what can you all do about it? FUCK ALL BECAUSE YOU ARE EITHER TOO DUMB OR TOO FUCKING LAZY to actually see the truth. Face it most of you actually believethat some poor Jewish bastard  was nailed to a hunk of wood, died, was put in a cave, with a rock covering the entrance, and then came back to life.  Something that would make Harry Houdini envious.

SO if you want to try to fight the brain washing of the Roman Catholic Church the DO NOT PAY YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY TO SEE THIS SHIT. Spend your money on something that will actually make you happy… Like  a hooker.

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I remain

The Cranky Old Bastard


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