Whack FUCK Also better know as Swing and Swear or Golf

In the History of stupid sports, for lack of a better term, there are two shining examples of a complete waste of time. One is Golf. The second is curling. Let’s look at golf. George Carlin described golf as “Taking a crooked stick, smashing the shit out of a little ball, spending half the day looking for the ball only to hit it with a different crooked stick. I say you are lucky you found the fucking thing pick it up and go the fuck home!”… Well said George. Can some one please explain the meaning of this game? Basically all I can see is a bunch of half-witted Morons saying they are going to get some exercise while they walk from their Car to the golf cart. Yeah that is fucking exercise alright. Hell I get more exercise jerking off. And speaking of … [Read more...]