The Eleventh Commandment…Thou shalt not think for thy self.

You all knew it was coming. The David Vs. Goliath battle of the Cranky Old Bastard Vs. Pat Robertson and the 700 club. With yours truly as David. You all know how I feel about any organized religion and especially the Christians, and this fucker is one of the main reasons why. He is a stereo typical Christian hypocrite that uses the teaching of Jesus to his own ends to line his own pockets, but when it suits him he spouts off bullshit that goes against everything that Christ is supposed to be about. I will warn you now this is going to extend over more then one post. I doubt Pat Robertson has ever been circumcised because there is NO END TO THE PRICK!!! Now I advise you all against sending any money to this twatwaffle for ANY REASON. If you want to help out the … [Read more...]