Break the Silence, sexual equality for men

So let’s talk about something that most people would rather NOT have discussed and when it is people just laugh at it. Battered Husbands. And Yes I am FUCKING SERIOUS! I know it is not as popular as battered wives or battered women’s syndrome but it does fucking Happen. It is harder for guys to claim because NO ONE WILL BELIEVE A MAN WOULD ALLOW HIMSELF TO GET BEATEN BY A WOMAN. And that is where the problem lays. In today’s society men have no fucking rights, no recourse, and most importantly NO FUCKING RESOURCES. Sure there are shelters. FOR BATTERED WOMEN but none for battered men. Think about it, if some guy was to say his wife beat him you would think he was a weakling, wimp, or pussy. But in truth it takes more strength not to strike back and to … [Read more...]