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So let’s talk about something that most people would rather NOT have discussed and when it is people just laugh at it. Battered Husbands. And Yes I am FUCKING SERIOUS! I know it is not as popular as battered wives or battered women’s syndrome but it does fucking Happen.

It is harder for guys to claim because NO ONE WILL BELIEVE A MAN WOULD ALLOW HIMSELF TO GET BEATEN BY A WOMAN. And that is where the problem lays. In today’s society men have no fucking rights, no recourse, and most importantly NO FUCKING RESOURCES.

Sure there are shelters. FOR BATTERED WOMEN but none for battered men. Think about it, if some guy was to say his wife beat him you would think he was a weakling, wimp, or pussy. But in truth it takes more strength not to strike back and to actually say your wife beat you. If a guy hits a woman he is SCUM but what if she is beating the shit out of him no jury would accept it as a defence.

Women want equality. Fine then let’s apply it fairly. Either the courts allows men to claim self defence if the woman is beating the shit out of him or get rid of battered wife as an acceptable defence.

I will tell you all right now. I let my ex wife beat the shit out of me. I never once struck her. I hold two third degree black belts so if I used any force on her I would have been arrested  so I had to shut the fuck up and accept it. It did not help that my ex worked for the local Police department and knew all the cops for the longest time. I would go to work with Black eyes and have to tell my boss that I fell so that it would not seem as if this was happening.

I really don’t give a flying fuck if anyone reads this and believes it or not I know this shit happens and it needs to be brought out into the light. My personal feelings are that ANY MAN THAT HITS A WOMAN DESERVES THE SHIT KICKING OF A LIFETIME. But the courts need to apply the law fairly with no regard to gender.

And while we are at it let’s start charging the women who cry Rape just to fuck some ones life up. As I said before it makes things harder for the women who really were raped and causes a lifetime of hassles for the guy charged, A criminal record check will show he was investigated for sexual assault for the rest of his life, EVEN IF THE CHARGES ARE WITHOUT MERRIT. That means he won’t be able to do any Volunteering if kids are involved. So if he has Children he can not be involved in their hobbies or some of their interests.


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