The Cranky Old Bastards Podcast 3 – The World is Full of Idiots

WTF is all this crap and this Casiey case why the US news devotes so much time to this crap and ignores the real issues of their country.. man the excrement from the media is SO deep its a wonder the don’t choke on the crap coming out of thier mouths. Asshole lawyers is also on the topic list for this podcast The fucking lack of any kind of courtesy on the roads in the US So this week I want to discuss our Veterans, these dedicated people have put their lives on the line in service of their country, in itself that is worthy enough of our respect but some of these poor people come back to their country with physical and mental wounds that will change their lives forever. We are starting to see some of our vets coming home missing arms or legs and we may … [Read more...]