The Cranky Old Bastards Podcast 3 – The World is Full of Idiots

WTF is all this crap and this Casiey case why the US news devotes so much time to this crap and ignores the real issues of their country.. man the excrement from the media is SO deep its a wonder the don’t choke on the crap coming out of thier mouths.

Asshole lawyers is also on the topic list for this podcast

TThese are not American Drivershe fucking lack of any kind of courtesy on the roads in the US

So this week I want to discuss our Veterans, these dedicated people have put their lives on the line in service of their country, in itself that is worthy enough of our respect but some of these poor people come back to their country with physical and mental wounds that will change their lives forever.
We are starting to see some of our vets coming home missing arms or legs and we may not know what cause this, but those are only the surface wounds, and while they are as important as any other injury, there are mental wounds that go deep, and go untreated.  Neither Canada, The USA nor Australia will diagnose Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  aka PTSD, the reason is PTSD is a pensionable disorder, instead they now call it “operational stress disorder” because that is not something they have to give you a pension for. In other words Our Governments are FUCKING CHEAP.
If you are unfortunate enough to be wounded in a theater of operation, and you lose a limb the Canadian Government will give you a onetime lump sum of $279 000.00 and as soon as you endorse that cheque you agree to that settlement. Now $279 000.00 might sound like a fuck of a lot of money to you but some of these poor people have to drive for hours to go to physiotherapy, because that service is not available in the town where they live, and good fucking luck finding a place to buy for that money and still afford to live or feed yourself and your family.
Now I don’t want you to feel like I am leaving you fuckheads out because you are the ones whining about the deficit and how they need to cut spending to the military without fucking realizing that money that goes to the Military also goes to military pensions. I wonder how many of you out there realize what  your MP makes in a year? Here is the BASIC amount they make;

Member of the House of Commons Basic Sessional Indemnity Members who occupy certain offices and positions are entitled to additional remuneration in accordance with the Parliament of Canada Act as listed.


Now you can double that for the Prime Minister and add $2,112.00 car allowance, the Speaker of the house gets the Basic amount plus $75,516.00 plus $1,061.00 Car allowance, the leader of the opposition makes the same as the speaker of the house. The extra pay bonuses that our MPs make range from $5,684.00 for Vice-Chair of Standing and Standing Joint Committee to $75,516.00 for a Minister, plus their car allowance of $2,112.00. Now I really hope you feel fucking guilty when you bitch about the Military funding and call for cutbacks. All this information comes from the Governments website
Now I also want to bring to your attention to a great group of people that started a movement called Wounded Warriors, they get donations from all over from people from as little as $10.00 up to corporate donations of $50,000 and here is what they do with that money? When a soldier is faced with serious life threatening injuries, he is flown to Landstuhl, Germany; none of his gear is send except that he has on him at the time. Boredom was a big problem and the hospital staff were dipping into their own pockets to get the patients gear to help fight off the boredom. But you can go to to find out all this information and make a donation or find a way to help with fundraising.
I make it a point to shake the hand of every Vet and every serving member I meet and thank them for serving, I don’t care what branch they are in and what nationality they are , as long as they are one of our allies.
You know I have learnt firsthand  that it doesn’t even matter what theater of war or even what war you saw action in of what nationality you are all soldiers are brothers it is a bond that seems to run deeper than most, when I was in Washington DC to accept an award for my photography I made a point of visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. There I met some men who had served in ‘Nam and we talked and shared stories. I missed the ceremony where I was to receive my award, instead I sat with these men sharing their  tears  with mine, and found I had found some new brothers.

It may seem like I close my posts and podcasts with the words “Support Our Troops” but these men and women are more need of our support then most other people or charities that you can name. But Canada leaves the Kandahar mission with a reputation for having the best small army in the world. Canadian soldiers are respected around the globe for their battle-hardened professionalism, innovative application of counterinsurgency doctrine and holding their nerve in Kandahar, while other NATO allies cowered on heavily fortified bases munching lobster instead of fighting insurgents. http://fullcomment.nationalpos​​henson-the-rebirth-of-canadas-​military/ .

So Support Our Troops, they are the Unknown, Doing the Unwanted, for the Ungrateful for Under payment.

Until Next time I remain
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