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The Most Politically incorrect podcast on the internet covering topics such as feminism, politics, and all sorts of crap that hits our day to day lives. You will ne enlightened and show that you'll just join in the fun. So Fuck Off already. What is Mansplaining? Mansplaining is when a man interrupts a woman to explain something that does NOT need explaining, especially on a topic that we as man have no authority to speak on.Here are some other resources to help better understand "Mansplaing"10 Ways Society Can Close the Confidence GapBy: Soraya Chemaly Down the Problem with MansplainingR. Nithya @ProjectBronx @JuneBabyProFacebook: … [Read more...]

It is not ok to joke about killing men

It is not ok to joke about killing men At some point when everyone was busy believing that feminism had something to do with achieving equality, Clementine Ford arrived on a broomstick. She confidently announced she was here to fix gender inequality and people blindly believed her. While everyone was so busy virtue signalling that all things fem are fabulous, people stopped noticing our societal moral compass had turned into devil’s horns. In a copy of her book, ‘Fight Like A Girl’, she wrote a note to a fan. It asked “Have you killed any men today? And if not, why not?” Read that again. Read Original Article Here     … [Read more...]

Feminist Want To End Fathers Day.

It is Episode 20 of the most politically incorrect podcast available well at least we are trying to be. This episode explore what every topic we can find to be fun. We take on Feminism, science, 911 and a myriad of other crazy topics.   below are some of the articles and videos we critic. East Vancouver crow named Canuck gets death threats after Canada Post refuses to deliver the mail Spring is when crows defend their nest. It's an instinct that's been honed through thousands of years. So when a postal worker approached one day, Canuck reacted in the way that crows sometimes do at this time of year. "Canuck encountered the mail carrier one day and proceeded to bite him a few times causing broken skin and bleeding," Bergman writes on the Canuck … [Read more...]