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The Most Politically incorrect podcast on the internet covering topics such as feminism, politics, and all sorts of crap that hits our day to day lives. You will ne enlightened and show that you'll just join in the fun. So Fuck Off already.The Most Politically incorrect podcast on the internet covering topics such as feminism, politics, and all sorts of crap that hits our day to day lives. You will ne enlightened and show that you’ll just join in the fun. So Fuck Off already.

What is Mansplaining? is when a man interrupts a woman to explain something that does NOT need explaining, especially on a topic that we as man have no authority to speak on.Here are some other resources to help better understand “Mansplaing”10 Ways Society Can Close the Confidence GapBy: Soraya Chemaly…Breaking Down the Problem with MansplainingR. Nithya…===============================Twitter: @ProjectBronx @JuneBabyProFacebook:…

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Disney Redesigns Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride To Be More PC is reporting that Disney plans a major makeover to one of their most iconic theme park rides, Pirates of the Caribbean. Roughly halfway through the ride is a scene where several women are auctioned off as brides to a crowd of lusty pirates.

While the scene has been a part of the ride for fifty years, Disney management has now decided to cultivate a kinder, gentler image of its pirates, revealing concept art that shows the sign which read “take a wench for a bride” is being rewritten to a less offensive and more gender-affirming “surrender yer loot.” Read Original Article Here

Budweiser Stuns Nation: Releases 4th of July Ad That Has Conservatives in Awe

Since the world of Hollywood is so liberal these days, it’s rare that a brand takes a stand for veterans of the military. That’s why it came as a welcome surprise this week when Budweiser released an ad for the Fourth of July that honors veterans of the U.S. military.

Breitbart reported that Budweiser has released a new ad in which “Star Wars” actor Adam Driver, a veteran himself, surprises a veteran by delivering a scholarship to his daughter in person.

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Texas pastor threatens to set himself on fire to stop gays from marrying · PinkNews pastor Rick Scarborough made the claim ahead of an anticipated ruling from the Supreme Court later this month – which could bring same-sex marriage to all 50 states including Texas.

One-upping the Australian Christian couple who have threatened to divorce if the ban on same-sex marriage is lifted, the Texan appared to threaten to burn himself alive.

He said: “We’re simply being pre-emptive and saying, no matter what the cost, we are not going to bow, we are not going to bend, and we will burn.” Read Original Article Here

VidCon Video Reveals Anita Sarkeesian Didn’t Believe YouTubers Harassed Her, in a video from VidCon 2016, just a year prior, Sarkeesian actually stated that these YouTubers weren’t actually harassers.

He is one of several YouTubers who profit from the cottage industry of online harassment and antifeminism […]

That is the stuff that is the most common and frequent – we can’t define online harassment based on what is legal currently.” Read Original Article Here






10 Myths About Men That Are So Wrong! Men are emotional; we’ve just been taught from adolescence that being emotional is synonymous with weakness, and that weakness is a quality no man should be associated with.

Through learning to care for others, playing with dolls, and other things typically associated with a female adolescence, women have been taught just the opposite and are encouraged to share how they feel. Men, on the other hand, play with action figures and video games that perpetuate violence and encourage toughness. Thus, we usually get angry and/or violent when emotional.

Not being able to do so is a disappointment and challenges his manhood (though it shouldn’t). Of course, the selfishness displayed during sex is greatly impacted by the seriousness of the relationship he’s in. If a man has feelings for a woman, he’ll want to get her off so she – hopefully – finds him more attractive as a potential partner.

So untrue, but understandable. We always tend to blame ourselves when something doesn’t go right sexually. But, like women, a lot of men can’t reach orgasm, and these are, for the most part, the same reasons you can’t. Read Original Article Here

The Voice of an Enlightened Man: Clementine Ford advocating against sexual and domestic violence and rape culture, is the height of irony. Voice of an Enlightened Man: Clementine Ford advocating against sexual and domestic violence and rape culture, is the height of irony. Read Original Article Here



Clementine Ford under fire for her shocking note to fan feminist Clementine Ford has encouraged a fan to ‘kill men’ in a handwritten note inside a copy of her latest book.

The Melbourne-based author and Fairfax columnist has regularly spoken about being the target of graphic abuse, trolling and death threats from men on social media.

But a picture shows that when signing one copy of her latest book, ‘Fight Like a Girl’, Ms Ford wrote to a fan: ‘Have you killed any men today? And if not, why not?’ Read Original Article Here



John Robson: Canadians feel for aboriginals, but our patience for too many insults has limits seems the federal Liberals are starting to pay a price for their arrogance. It is a cautionary tale for others including aboriginal militants whose scornful response is helping take the shine off Trudeaupia.

The Liberals were remarkably conceited to suppose their sunny ways and blithe ignorance of reality would, among other things, enable them to solve all problems with the descendants of Canada’s pre-European inhabitants. But the fault is not entirely theirs.

As the National Post noted, Aboriginal Day, a classic from the ministry of symbolism, went sour fast for the Liberals. Including rededication of the old U.S. embassy across from Parliament Hill as some sort of aboriginal space being met with sneers: “Indigenous architects called the building a ‘hand-me-down’ and not ‘culturally appropriate space’” and the chair of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Indigenous Task Force “said Ottawa should pay for the construction of a building that Indigenous architects design.” Read Original Article Here

UMD Police Open Hate Crime Investigation After Saran Wrap Litter Found On Campus to Campus Reform and University of Maryland’s Student Newspaper The Diamondback, campus police were forced to investigate a piece of discarded plastic due to “abundance of concern” that it might have been fashioned as a noose and placed there intentionally.

At least one student was apparently upset that police didn’t immediately assume the worst after the saran wrap litter was reported.

#UMD This was found under a tree at frat row. Police say that since it wasn’t hanging…it’s just trash ???? Make your own conclusions Read Original Article Here

Building codes aren’t gender neutral. Yale is suing ongoing disunity in American culture over the issue of gender identity has found its way into the bathrooms of Yale University.

After much grief and multiple complaints from students of there being a shortage of gender-neutral restrooms present on their campus, Yale law school submitted a construction request to modify their single-user or gender specific restrooms into gender neutral restrooms.

In order to meet the state of Connecticut building code, however, the school must have a specific number of lavatories relegated by sex. Read Original Article Here

Moms — It’s Not Your Job To Entertain Your Kids vacation is well underway and parents who stay (or work) at home with their kids are totally under siege. Who’s thirsty? Who’s fighting? Who’s continually up at dawn demanding waffles even though it’s freaking vacation? And the most dreaded of all — who’s bored?

One mom is getting the message out that keeping our kids entertained is simply not our job, and that’s great news, because lord knows we have enough shit to do.

Mom of three Meredith Masony is the voice behind the popular parenting blog and Facebook page That’s Inappropriate. Yesterday, she shared a video where she speaks the truth about the fact that it’s not up to parents to make sure their children are having a grand old time all summer — or ever. Read Original Article Here

John McEnroe refuses to apologize, mocks Serena Williams ‘ranked 700’ controversy‘ranked-700’-controversy/ar-BBDltAF?ocid=sfSafe to say, this John McEnroe-Serena Williams debate has gone from an overblown sports controversy to an entirely pointless one.

It started on NPR over the weekend when McEnroe, on a promotional tour for his new book, “But Seriously,” caught some heat for a comment he made about Serena Williams:

Garcia-Navarro: We’re talking about male players but there is of course wonderful female players. Let’s talk about Serena Williams. You say she is the best female player in the world in the book. Read Original Article Here

Serena Williams Slams John McEnroe’s Sexist Comments About Her Talent, remember when Serena Williams won the Australian Open while pregnant? And how amazing that was? She’s arguably one of the greatest athletes of all time, she just posed for one of the most stunning magazine covers of all time, and she’s about to deliver her first child soon. Pretty impressive stuff. So, naturally, someone (ahem–a man) had to cut her down, because accomplished women just can’t have nice things.

On Sunday, John McEnroe–a man as famous for his own tennis accomplishments as he is infamous for being a complete douche bag–gave an interview to NPR, where he decided to use his backhand in the form of a shitty compliment. McEnroe sat down with Lulu Garcia-Navarro to discuss a statement he made in his book about Serena Williams being the “best female player” in the world. Nice, right? Sure, nice enough. But then McEnroe clarifies what exactly that means. Read Original Article Here

New Paris App Warns People If They’ve Entered A “No-Go Zone” can also submit reports of incidents. (Image via Google Play)

While the app’s developers – who do not appear to be affiliated with any government organization – do not mention migrants as a reason for the creation of the app, Westmonster reports that a couple of reviewers have; “given the current degradation, it is better to have this app unfortunately,” wrote one according to the outlet. Read Original Article Here

4 Reasons Why Penis Size Shaming Is Anti-Feminist was recently reported that Adolf Hitler may have had a micropenis.

When I saw the story show up on my Facebook newsfeed, I knew I was going to see a lot of jokes where the punchline – based on the idea of inferiority complexes and “compensating” – was basically that having a small penis is inherently disgraceful and something to ridicule.

So here are some reasons why penis size shaming is anti-feminist.

As feminists, we should be more encouraging to men who don’t fit the paradigm of what they’re “supposed to be” sexually. Read Original Article Here

I dared to voice my opinion online, and Internet Trolls descended on me the presses, a woman had the audacity to express her opinion on the Internet. What started out as a fine Tuesday evening quickly evolved into hours of emotional torment and abuse for me, yesterday, after an article I had written for this website brought in an army of trolls unlike any I have ever witnessed. In my article, I suggested that perhaps it was time to let go of certain taboos about gay sexual intercourse. The article argued, within reason, that men who have gay friends should let go of their prejudices and help their friends achieve sexual desire. The article had been published several days ago, but didn’t cause too much stir until certain anti-feminist Facebook pages and Twitter accounts begun sharing the article in disagreement and with mockery.

We began realizing an up-rise in traffic to the article, and with it came a whole lot of hate. I was told by some members of this hoard of trolls that my article was the “single most stupid thing I have ever read” and that it just “had to be satire”. Insults of “mental degeneracy” and “idiocy” flew everywhere. And how can we forget the ever so common “Libtard” insult? Someone even suggested that my motivation for writing the article was my lack of sexual partners and male attention, due to which I felt inclined to dictate how other people conduct their sexual lives. Oh, Thanks, random troll #4508. I didn’t realize that anti-bigotry was an intellectual position exclusive to virgins. Read Original Article Here