Dog Whistles (PSA 1) – YouTube

Dog Whistles (PSA 1) - YouTube Some people get mad about Gender and Racial recasting in movies. Why is that?Music:One-Eyed Maestro - Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 From The Dead [NCS Release] - Desmeon•••• Can I Say, Dear? - Red Garland TrioHappy Rock - BensoundSad Day - Bensound - Geoplex't Hug Me I'm Scared 4 of Joy - Jedi Battle (Game of Thrones … [Read more...]

The Cranky Old Bastard 22 a Politically Incorrect Podcast

It’s Episode 22 of The Cranky Old Bastard Podcast. The most politically incorrect podcast on the web today or at least we are striving towards that. Taking on the tough subjects such as Feminism, the attacks on freedom, politics and much of the crap that affects our everyday lives.         The Voice of an Enlightened Man: Feminists in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Read Original Article Here       C-51 (41-2) - First Reading - Anti-terrorism Act, 2015 - Parliament of Canada C-51 (41-2) - First Reading - Anti-terrorism Act, 2015 - Parliament of Canada Skip to main content Parliament of Canada Visit Parliament Visit Français FR Senate House of Commons Bill C-51 … [Read more...]

Cranky Old bastard 21Politicaly Incorrect Podcast

The Most Politically incorrect podcast on the internet covering topics such as feminism, politics, and all sorts of crap that hits our day to day lives. You will ne enlightened and show that you'll just join in the fun. So Fuck Off already. What is Mansplaining? Mansplaining is when a man interrupts a woman to explain something that does NOT need explaining, especially on a topic that we as man have no authority to speak on.Here are some other resources to help better understand "Mansplaing"10 Ways Society Can Close the Confidence GapBy: Soraya Chemaly Down the Problem with MansplainingR. Nithya @ProjectBronx @JuneBabyProFacebook: … [Read more...]

Cranky Old Bastard 19 Politically Incorrect

A very politically incorrect podcast, we take on feminism, the rape culture and more. We also go after the some great other politically incorrect items throughout the show show just check it out and enjoy. Some of the things we cover and did not get a chance at. 5 Things Your Activist Friend Wants You to Stop Doing (Because You're Wearing Us Out) Oftentimes, it’s not technically a job at all, but a volunteer practice for social change – on top of other responsibilities like work, school, and relationship maintenance. So when, combined with the tasks of everyday life, your passions revolve around oppression and inequities, burn-out comes quickly – and self-care is necessary. And unknowingly, sometimes even well-meaning, supportive folks add to this … [Read more...]