Welcome to the Dictatorship

Welcome to the Fascist Dictatorship of British Columbia. Where we are ruled by Alcoholic White Trash by the name of Gordon Campbell. Now you may be asking yourself why is BC a dictatorship? The answer is simple Gordon Campbell and the Liberal party of BC have spent money on frivolous shit. The Olympics are just the tip of the mountain. There is a TRAVEL BAN in effect for any person that works for the Provincial Government. They are NOT allowed to go to the mainland if they live and work in Victoria they are not allowed to go to Vancouver unless they already had vacation time booked off and their tickets purchased before hand. The welfare system is designed to keep people dependant on the system to prevent them from have the funds to move from bad areas, educate … [Read more...]

Olympic luger dies in training-run crash

The Olympics had not even begun and they had their first fatality. The Games were an hour from Opening and this poor bastard was on a training run. http://nbcsports.msnbc.com/id/35369187/ Let me say I am proud of Canada and I think Canadian athletes are the best at what they do. But if the Millions of dollars were not enough to say these games are worthless how many more fatalities will it take? And before you all start saying it is a risk he knew about I will say BULLSHIT!!! Why is it acceptable for a man to die in OVER priced GAMES? If you truly think that these games are not anything more then Propaganda then you have proven the point that the money spent on these games was really needed for education. All these people want to do is to show the world how … [Read more...]

I am God, now fuck off and DIE

So it seems that one of the brainless fucks out there has decided to challenge my opinion on the Olympics. I will post his comment here  but I have also approved it on the original post (click this link to read the post and this idiots comment http://www.thecrankyoldbastard.com/nwobastd/yea-whatever/10-reasons-to-boycott-the-olympics-in-vancouver/#comments) Well you really are a blowhard aren’t you. Considering that the particular mountain that the Olympics are planned for has a history of not having snow on it in the middle of February. Guess you are as stupid as the rest of the world in thinking that global warming is real. When in history we have had cooler temperatures throughout the globe in the past few years. Your should really support your stupid … [Read more...]