I am God, now fuck off and DIE

So it seems that one of the brainless fucks out there has decided to challenge my opinion on the Olympics. I will post his comment here  but I have also approved it on the original post (click this link to read the post and this idiots comment http://www.thecrankyoldbastard.com/nwobastd/yea-whatever/10-reasons-to-boycott-the-olympics-in-vancouver/#comments)

Well you really are a blowhard aren’t you. Considering that the particular mountain that the Olympics are planned for has a history of not having snow on it in the middle of February. Guess you are as stupid as the rest of the world in thinking that global warming is real. When in history we have had cooler temperatures throughout the globe in the past few years. Your should really support your stupid fucking opinions with some references dinglenuts.

Stop your fucking whining and get behind the Olympic games already they are really good for BC especially Vancouver after all look at how clean their streets are now.


Now the email address this idiot posted was twat@twat.com and the web site he9She/it) posted was, obviously twat.com.  Now I really don’t care if you want to sound off about what I say here, but you all need to remember by doing such you open yourself up to my ridicule, And you should also realize that I hate fucking cowards who can not bother to use a real email address or website. If you have the guts to post something here have the fucking courage to stand by what you have to say and don’t submit fake info. That just screams COWARD to me.

I usually try to answer most emails I get from you walking diaper stains. But if you don’t have the conviction to own up to what you say, chances are I WON’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK. So why should I care about this comment?  Because this mental midget has the audacity to challenge my opinion. REMEMBER WHAT YOU RERAD HERE IS ONLY MY OPINION AND I AM ALWAYS RIGHT. IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT FUCK OFF AND DIE!!!

Now let’s take a looks at what Mr. Twatwaffle has to say; The first thing we see is the fucktard has worse grammar then I do because his first sentence appears to be a question but we can not be too sure because there is no question mark.

Now as to what he says in regards to “particular mountain that the Olympics are planned for”  5 out of the ten past years it has not had snow on, but this cock sucker can not see the he contradicts himself. How the fuck can we have colder winters and an established ski resort not have snow in February?  He says I “really support your stupid fucking opinions” actually he says “Your should” All I have to say to that is it should read YOU not YOUR and I don’t have to defend them fucknuts YOU JUST DID!!!

If this cumsucking waste of sperm would pull his head out of his ass and actually take a look around the world he would see things like Mount Fuji is losing its snow peak, as is Kilimanjaro. Polar Bears are losing their Habitat because the ICE IS RECEADING.  There are actual sings of Global warming but numb nuts here can’t see the forest for the trees.

How the fuck can this stunned twat function? The Olympics are NOT Good for BC. I have said this before. The best thing for BC is to get rid of  Gordon Campbell. Yes the streets of Vancouver are cleaner now, because all the crack whores and junkies have been sent to Vancouver Island.

I have now given Mr. Twarwaffel (he can’t even spell Twatwaffle right) all the attention he deserves.

Remember to Support Our Troops

Until Next Time
I remain

The Cranky Old Bastard.