Welcome to the Dictatorship

Welcome to the Fascist Dictatorship of British Columbia. Where we are ruled by Alcoholic White Trash by the name of Gordon Campbell. Now you may be asking yourself why is BC a dictatorship?

The answer is simple Gordon Campbell and the Liberal party of BC have spent money on frivolous shit. The Olympics are just the tip of the mountain. There is a TRAVEL BAN in effect for any person that works for the Provincial Government. They are NOT allowed to go to the mainland if they live and work in Victoria they are not allowed to go to Vancouver unless they already had vacation time booked off and their tickets purchased before hand.

The welfare system is designed to keep people dependant on the system to prevent them from have the funds to move from bad areas, educate themselves, or afford a home of their own. Gone are the days or rent being 1/3 of your monthly take home pay.

But when you look at the visible majority of the people on the welfare system you will see that they are using the money to buy drugs or booze. If you were to go and drive by the corner of Pandora and Quadra and look at the welfare office there you would see that 9 out of 10 of the people there waiting for their hand out are just there for the money and don’t want to bother to think of finding a job, let alone actively looking for work.

I know there are people on the system that do follow the rules and do need the help. But because of Gordon Campbell and his government landlords have been able to jack rents sky high. The Fact that BC has an unemployment rate of 8.4% doesn’t help us either.

I would like to ask Gordon Campbell where all the Jobs the Olympics were supposed to bring us are? But I doubt he would be able to answer as he is too drunk. My sources inside the BC legislature tell me that Gordon Campbell is rarely sober. But hey we are paying for his driver with our hard earned tax dollars so why should we give a shit right? (PLEASE NOTE THE SACASIM DRIPPING THERE)

Anyone with a slight amount of intellect will tell you that every government has it’s flaws. That is a crock of BULLSHIT! I figure if we have to live with a Dictator why not a benevolent dictator some one who actually cares about the people that he governs?

I will leave you with that little tidbit to tide you over.

Remember to support Our Troops

Until Next Time
I remain

The Cranky Old Bastard