The Eleventh Commandment…Thou shalt not think for thy self.

You all knew it was coming. The David Vs. Goliath battle of the Cranky Old Bastard Vs. Pat Robertson and the 700 club. With yours truly as David. You all know how I feel about any organized religion and especially the Christians, and this fucker is one of the main reasons why. He is a stereo typical Christian hypocrite that uses the teaching of Jesus to his own ends to line his own pockets, but when it suits him he spouts off bullshit that goes against everything that Christ is supposed to be about. I will warn you now this is going to extend over more then one post. I doubt Pat Robertson has ever been circumcised because there is NO END TO THE PRICK!!! Now I advise you all against sending any money to this twatwaffle for ANY REASON. If you want to help out the … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS: 22 World events 2007-2012

OKAY I know there are those of you out there that need to have a visit from the nice men in the white coats but this guy must be one of your fucking leaders (All comments in brackets are my comments)This is one of his posts I found while surfing the net. You all think I am nuts because I am my own God?   BREAKING NEWS: 22 World events 2007-2012 - by Dieter Braun I am known throughout the world for my intuition. My writings are regularly posted at   Here is a list of world events that shall likely unfold between now and 2007-2012 Please feel free to share this list with others, you make each event more likely to happen sooner. -Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine) 1. The … [Read more...]

Religious Right

Todays subject is religion. It seems the catholics have a new Pope, Big fucking deal right? Well not if you are a dumbassed Catholic, this stupid fucker is Old School Catholic. What do I mean by that well lets look at it, he is against equal rights fro women, against Gay rights,against contraception. Old fucking school Catholic. I bet John Paul is rolling over in his Grave thinking that this German fucker is going to undo all the things that he fought to change. Don't get me wrong Catholics are a pain in the ass. Need Prove? Hittler was a catholic, so was Musilini, come to think of it the new Pope is a German Catholic with a very narrow view of things. could this be the beginnings of a fourth Riech? But the Catholics are not the only idiots in the world … [Read more...]