BREAKING NEWS: 22 World events 2007-2012

OKAY I know there are those of you out there that need to have a visit from the nice men in the white coats but this guy must be one of your fucking leaders
(All comments in brackets are my comments)This is one of his posts I found while surfing the net. You all think I am nuts because I am my own God?
BREAKING NEWS: 22 World events 2007-2012 – by Dieter Braun
I am known throughout the world for my intuition.
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Here is a list of world events that shall likely unfold between now and 2007-2012
Please feel free to share this list with others, you make each event more likely to happen sooner.
-Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)
1. The end of war. (Yeah Right)
2. The equity of wealth. (Never Gonna Happen)
3. The mass landings of our star family. (HUH Star Family does he mean Ringo is coming?)
4. The flipping of the earth poles to cleanse mother Earth. (Hang on this is going to be a bumpy ride)
5. The end of cell phone microwave towers, am/fm radio stations and ALL harmful radiation. (and Pigs will fly)
6. The Second Coming (I am already here)
7. The threshold of the fifth dimension. (Great Band)
8. The mass awakening of humanity. (Better make sure we have lots of coffee)
9. Free energy. (It is called the SUN)
10. The end of poverty. (Get your 649 tickets)
11. The return to LOVE instead of “competition”. (Should make ballroom dancing more interesting)
12. The end of physical aging. (Sell your Oil of Olay stocks)
13. Time is slowing down. We shall witness the end of time. (I think my watch may need new batteries)
14. Humans shall all acknowledge their crystal DNA. (Ok I am at a loss for this one)
15. ALL alien/government underground cities worldwide shall be revealed.(I think he has watched Beneath the Planet of the Apes one too many times)
16. The Ascended Masters shall walk among us. (Seems like I have a lot of walking to do)
17. We shall travel beyond the solar system. (Didn’t Enterprise do this in the 60’s)
18. We shall travel the stars. (See above)
19. The separation of those who are 3D and those who are 5D is necessary. [Universal Law of Attraction] (Does this mean more of those funky glasses they give you in the 3D movies?)
20. All nuclear weapons shall be dismantled, and all negative technologies shall be replaced with more loving alternatives. (All ICBM’s will be loaded with Ecstasy)
21. Crystal cities will replace slave cities based on the automobile.(You must travel to the Emerald City Dorothy)
22. Levitation, telepathy, astral travel and interdimensional travel will become the norm. (All I can say to this is “The colours man the colours”)
I think this putz must be the illegitimate first cousin of Pat Robertson from the 700 club. You know the one that goes a little flaky when the rest of the family won’t acknowledge him. Ohh wait that would be Pat Robertson.
The only reason he gets regular posts on that site is because they are as nuts as he is. Fuck people WAKE UP
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