10 Reasons to boycott the Olympics in Vancouver

Everyone is talking about the upcoming Winter Olympics taking place in Vancouver this month. Just to set the record straight I am boycotting the Olympics and I thought I would enlighten you all so you can in some lame way be more like me.

10. They are in Vancouver aka Hongcouver The best thing about Vancouver is the fact that it is in BC. Trust me once you get there you will know why anybody with any fucking sense lives on the Island.

9. The people running this fucking gong show awarded a young girl the chance to be a presenter of the medals, and then when they found out she was a larger body type girl they turned around and said she was too fat to fit into the costume. WAY TO GIVE A KID A BODY ISSUE.

8. The Games are fixed and we know who will win the majority of the medals. You guessed it the U.S. FUCKING  A.

7. They are letting Pro athletes play in the Olympics. I know this is old news but the games were designed for amateur athletes. NOT THESE MILLION DOLLAR WHINING FUCKING CRY BABIES. I guess earning a few million a year is not good enough for these assholes now they have to steal the lime light of younger fitter kids.

6. The presenters of the medals are not chosen because they did anything Great. But simply because they are good looking. Yes Eye Candy is Nice but how about the troops, who get wounded in action, They deserve to be presenting the medals far more then the two bit sluts that were picked for beauty over brains. I guess it really is a case of who you blow. I wonder if knee pads are standard equipment for these whores.

5. The Olympics are in NO WAY HELPING OUT THE REST OF THE PROVINCE. Despite what the politicians say there are no direct funds coming to the island from the games. As a matter of fact they are rounding up the street scum from Vancouver and sending them over to Victoria. All in order to try to make Vancouver appear nicer.

4. According to the IOC the lumber produced here in BC was not environmentally friendly enough, and did not meet their green Policies.

3. The money spent on preparing for the games could have been better spent on Health Care and Education. Instead of spending millions of dollars on this sham, our government could have saved more jobs in BC or even saved someone’s life by not having to close Hospital beds. But instead, Gord (sure I’ll drink and drive) Campbell wants us all to try to forget he has a drinking problem and be remembered as the guy who got us the Winter Games for 2010

2. The Games are running well over budget, and will take us years to pay off. If we really had to have the Olympics in Canada again why not do it in Calgary? They already have everything built there so we could have saved money and maybe just maybe turned a profit.

1. The biggest reason to boycott the 2010 Winter Olympic Games is. Whistler is having to import snow. Because of Global Warming we have had a very warm winter this year so warm in fact that there is NOT enough Snow on the Mountains. If you think I am Bull Shitting take a look here http://planetgreen.discovery.com/work-connect/vancouver-import-snow-olympics.html

Remember to Support Our Troops

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  1. Well you really are a blowhard aren’t you. Considering that the particular mountain that the Olympics are planned for has a history of not having snow on it in the middle of February. Guess you are as stupid as the rest of the world in thinking that global warming is real. When in history we have had cooler temperatures throughout the globe in the past few years. Your should really support your stupid fucking opinions with some references dinglenuts.

    Stop your fucking whining and get behind the Olympic games already they are really good for BC especially Vancouver after all look at how clean their streets are now.