Why Americans LOVE CANADA

A friend sent this to me this morning; this is by NO MEANS to be taken as a sign I am supporting the Olympics, or I like Americans but NBC has just become my favourite American broadcaster.[vsw id=”HfVyix1xC3I” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

But lets discuss the Olympics for a moment. I have been doing some thinking and maybe there might be some thing good to come from the Olympics. Maybe a new category for the Darwin Awards for Olympic Athletes. The First one can go to the Georgian Luge guy.

Now let me give you some good solid arguments against the Olympic Games; $100 million for the Fastest Luge track in the world and because of one guy everybody will be starting from the women’s start Point. I guess as far as the Olympics are concerned women are NOT as good as men and therefore need a SMALLER track to use. How the hell can anyone claim to be equal when the IOC says women are weaker and not as able as men.

This past week an Inside source told me our Provincial Government are BANKRUPT because of these games and they secretly laid off 200 employees, and plan more cuts to health care and other “Social Programs”

Because of the need for health care and hospital beds for the Olympic Games some people have had to have “Non Elective” yet urgent surgery postponed until after the games are complete. Apparently athletes are considered more important then the General Public.

Now let’s talk about the mental midgets who insist on causing havoc and damage while protesting the games. These assholes are by NO MEANS helping the situation. They are only costing the taxpayer more money by damaging public property. If you truly want to send a message to the Liberals in Victoria, VOTE THEM OUT OF POWER.  But these wastes of sperm have justified the outrages amount that was spent on Security for the games. Hmm maybe that was all part of the plan in the first place. Something for you conspiracy theorists to think about.

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