“CANADIAN PSYCHO”, battle for free speech, a Supervirus, Brain Rewiring and Twisted Insights

The Cranky Old Bastard Episode 16

Its episode 16 and we have for you “CANADIAN PSYCHO”, battle for free speech, a Supervirus, Brain Rewiring us and more  with Twisted insights from further in the great white north……all coming up on The Cranky Old bastard

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OK time to Rant:

First part of show all real news:




Melissa Townsend Allegedly Calls 911, Asks Cops To Scare Her Kids



Is the digital age rewiring us?



Section 13: How the battle for free speech was won

Five years, two tribunals, secret hearings, a court challenge and a turning point


What was section 13 and why was this important http://www.chrc-ccdp.ca/proactive_initiatives/hoi_hsi/qa_qr/page1-eng.aspx


Is The Copyright Industry Really Shooting Itself In The Foot?



The Kinder Egg WMD threat

‘Illegal’ Kinder Eggs get U.S. men border detention – CBC News



Classifying food allergies as disabilities could make restaurants more liable



Dying Vet writes to G.W. Bush http://dangerousminds.net/comments/dying_vets_fuck_you_letter_to_george_bush_dick_cheney_needs_to_be_read


A true Hero http://www.timescolonist.com/news/local/fire-chief-pulls-unconscious-girl-9-from-view-royal-house-fire-1.91130

Second Part of show all the Conspiracy Stuff

How Quickly Could a Single Supervirus Spread to Every Single Person on Earth?



Did Two Gunmen Target Martin Luther King Jr.? How A Single Slide Of Evidence Solved The Mystery


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