Happy periods, Al Gores Sell his TV biz to Al Jazeera, The demonic dangers of bath salts, Canadian beef and Sandy hook Conspiracy


The Cranky Old Bastard Episode 14

Intro: Its episode 14 and we have for you not so Happy periods, Al Gores Sell his TV biz to Al Jazeera, The demonic dangers of bath salts, Canadian beef and Sandy Hook Conspiracy all coming up on The Cranky Old bastard


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OK time to Rant:

First part of show all real news:

Watch: U.S. Navy PSA Shows Demonic Dangers of Bath Salts

Drug stories about killers who were on prescriptions

Injun gives up his status

Feminine Hygiene company’s hilarious response to Facebook comment accusing them of lying about “Happy Periods”

High School Teacher Suspended After Allegedly Stomping on American Flag, Telling Students ‘It Doesn’t Mean Anything’


Owners of beef plant being sold received millions in government grants and loans http://www.ctvnews.ca/business/owners-of-beef-plant-being-sold-received-millions-in-government-grants-and-loans-1.1109013

The owner of the Alberta beef plant being sold to a subsidiary of a Brazilian company received $15 million from the federal and Alberta governments since 2009.
Agriculture Canada says of the money approved for XL Foods Inc., $2.475 million was in federal no-interest loans.
The rest of the cash was in federal and provincial grants to help bolster production at the slaughter plant and to improve food safety procedures.

So it makes you proud to be canadian when we try to support a local company to only sell it off to foreign nationals.

Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/business/owners-of-beef-plant-being-sold-received-millions-in-government-grants-and-loans-1.1109013#ixzz2He52wZTx

Al Gore sells TV network to Al-Jazeera


Second Part of show all the Conspiracy Stuff


Sandy Hook conspiracy cult: Shootings a hoax staged to pass gun control laws?


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