Happy periods, Al Gores Sell his TV biz to Al Jazeera, The demonic dangers of bath salts, Canadian beef and Sandy hook Conspiracy

The Cranky Old Bastard Episode 14 Intro: Its episode 14 and we have for you not so Happy periods, Al Gores Sell his TV biz to Al Jazeera, The demonic dangers of bath salts, Canadian beef and Sandy Hook Conspiracy all coming up on The Cranky Old bastard   Delivering the real information that matters to the world 100% No Bullshit coming to you direct from the southern california of canada it is the Cranky Old bastard and his sidekick Mr Nobody Your hosts for the cranky old bastard are me Mr Nobody and the Old bastard himself.   Don’t forget you can get the show notes at: The Cranky Old Bastard website http://www.thecrankyoldbastard.com   And head on over and review us at: The Cranky Old Bastard Podcast can be found on Stitcher Radio … [Read more...]

Another Podcast that will Stir Your Heart

Yes its back another awe inspiring podcast from the bastard, put your shades on because my brilliance is blinding. F-35 controversy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFk1ewsGwvU Provincial Court Judge Karen Walker should be forced to resign http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/british-columbia/man-who-punched-bus-driver-spared-jail-time-due-to-his-native-ancestry/article2390728/ Should this woman be allowed to breed http://www.inquisitr.com/211913/model-lauren-scruggs-sues-after-walking-into-plane-propeller/?obref=obinsite Holy Fuck I think they are breeding http://thestir.cafemom.com/in_the_news/135227/woman_crosses_runway_gets_sliced?quick_picks=1 Why don’t we hear Al Sharpton  talking about this Black Youth … [Read more...]

New Pod casts coming soon

Yes you did read right, for those of you fuckers out there that can read, we will soon start our pod casts again so that the stupid fucks who can not read  (because they are either too lazy or are spending too much time screwing their mother), will be able to enjoy the wonderful moments of enlightenment only I and Mr. Nobody can bring you. Remember to Support Our Troops Until Next Time I remain The Cranky Old Basatard … [Read more...]

D Day

Today is the aniversary of D day the day when so many men gave their lives so that others could live free. Just like the troops of today are doing and troops of the future may have to do. So I ask you all to take a moment and remember them and if by chance you know a Vet or meet one, shake his or her hand or saalute them or just say Thanks. Remember to Support our Troops Until next time I remain The cranky Old Bastard … [Read more...]

To Swearve and Neglect

We pay taxes to pay for services that our government supplies us with. Well at least supposedly. In the 4.5 months I have been living in the apartment that I do now, my car has been vandalized twice, two cars have been broken into, a major drug bust, a sword fight and stabbings, and just this past week the Emergency Response Team was here because the stupid fucking asshats in apartment 403 we firing a weapon off the balcony. It turns out the weapon in question was a pellet gun, but who ever called the police could not have known that. Now when I called the cops about my car they did not bother to send anyone over, they took my info and gave me a file number to give to my insurance company if I chose to make a claim. When I called the cops about arguments from my … [Read more...]