Cranky Old Bastard 19 Politically Incorrect

A very politically incorrect podcast, we take on feminism, the rape culture and more. We also go after the some great other politically incorrect items throughout the show show just check it out and enjoy. Some of the things we cover and did not get a chance at. 5 Things Your Activist Friend Wants You to Stop Doing (Because You're Wearing Us Out) Oftentimes, it’s not technically a job at all, but a volunteer practice for social change – on top of other responsibilities like work, school, and relationship maintenance. So when, combined with the tasks of everyday life, your passions revolve around oppression and inequities, burn-out comes quickly – and self-care is necessary. And unknowingly, sometimes even well-meaning, supportive folks add to this … [Read more...]

50 Questions for Feminists

50 Questions for Feminists Inspired by Buzzfeed's "36 Questions Women Have For Men" video, I came up with 50 questions for feminists.Follow-up video: Another 50 Questions for Feminists: follow-up video: 50 Questions for Feminists #3: read more at   … [Read more...]

DR. Shaym

Critic of feminism and SJW bullshit. I also make funny videos about general internet stupidity. … [Read more...]

Happy periods, Al Gores Sell his TV biz to Al Jazeera, The demonic dangers of bath salts, Canadian beef and Sandy hook Conspiracy

The Cranky Old Bastard Episode 14 Intro: Its episode 14 and we have for you not so Happy periods, Al Gores Sell his TV biz to Al Jazeera, The demonic dangers of bath salts, Canadian beef and Sandy Hook Conspiracy all coming up on The Cranky Old bastard   Delivering the real information that matters to the world 100% No Bullshit coming to you direct from the southern california of canada it is the Cranky Old bastard and his sidekick Mr Nobody Your hosts for the cranky old bastard are me Mr Nobody and the Old bastard himself.   Don’t forget you can get the show notes at: The Cranky Old Bastard website   And head on over and review us at: The Cranky Old Bastard Podcast can be found on Stitcher Radio … [Read more...]

Another Podcast that will Stir Your Heart

Yes its back another awe inspiring podcast from the bastard, put your shades on because my brilliance is blinding. F-35 controversy Provincial Court Judge Karen Walker should be forced to resign Should this woman be allowed to breed Holy Fuck I think they are breeding Why don’t we hear Al Sharpton  talking about this Black Youth … [Read more...]