How the U.S Media is taking the focus off how bad the U.S really is.

Now I know Americans are stupid, Hell that is a given, but they are more worried about people like Tiger Woods getting laid, or a Pedophile dieing, then they are about how many troops are coming home in body bags. Seriously People GROW THE FUCK UP. For all you know Tiger Woods and his wife had an open marriage, WHO GIVES A FUCK? You should be more concerned over how many of your kids are getting killed or wounded. BUT NO YOU FUCKERS CARE MORE ABOUT MICHEAL JACKSON THE PEDOPHILE DIEING.

Maybe we should start referring to him as the KING OF PEDOPHILES. Americans are far too interested with the sex lives of other people then to worry about the real problems going on. They cared more about who J.F.K. was fucking then they did about finding out  why he was killed or even by whom, or the Fact that Bill Clinton was getting a blow job while in office then they care about George Bush Stealing the election. They don’t realize that Fox News has got the all fooled; “If you see it on Fox News it has to be true” The only thing on fox that comes close to being true is MAYBE the Simpson’s, and that is stretching it.

 Maybe if the idiots in the US can pull their heads out of their asses long enough they might find something more news worthy then who is fucking whom. They might even find out who is fucking them. But hey these twatwaffles can’t even look beyond their own borders. They don’t realize there is no such a thing as American Culture, and they can not understand why the rest of the world hates them…. Gee could it be that the only reason you fuckers get involved with any other country is to exploit them for their resources?

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