Still more Liberal Hypocrisy

I would like to bring to your attention the fact that yet ANOTHER witless Liberal MLA has been arrested for drunk driving. Big Fucking Surprise eh? This twat needs to resign and prove to the public that our elected officials are leading by example!

We all know Gordon Campbell has no scruples. He proved that when he refused to resign after being arrested for drunk driving in Hawaii. Now he wants to reaffirm that he is above the law by telling Jane Thornthwaite that she “Need not resign her seat”!

This just goes to prove the hypocrisy that is our Provincial Government. Our elected officials are there to serve us, and lead by example. Yet so far all they have shown us is that, if elected, you can pretty much do as you like without fear of repercussions.

Is this the type of leadership we want for our province? The Liberals have bankrupted our Province with the olympics, and now are refusing to take responsibility for their own actions.

If the Liberals truly want to be taken seriously, then Jane Thornthwaite needs to show the people that there is honour in our Government.  She has already proven that she thinks herself above the law: “I’m not going to be stepping aside. I have a responsibility as an elected official,” Thornthwaite said. “I will work very, very hard to regain the trust of my constituents.”

I will admit we have all made mistakes in the past but the majority of us do NOT live a public life like our elected officials do. Because they lead such a public life, they must therefore be prepared to be under public scrutiny. They are NOT above the law and, because of the fact that they claim to represent the people they serve, they should be held more accountable.

This whole thing shows us that the Liberals are full of SHIT…but at least they are not the Conservatives!

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