Bring Back Hard Labour

I saw this today in the Globe and Mail Link  and it is now time for Canadians to speak out. These bastards are in Jail for breaking the law, NOT as a fucking vacation it is time we as citizens make our voices heard above that of these pussbags and their lawyers. There was a time in Canada when going to jail was considered punishment for committing a crime and this was the way you would have to pay your debt to society. But not anymore the jails today have cable TV, fully stocked Gyms, University grade libraries. Hell Carla Holmoka got her fucking law degree while in jail, AND WE FUCKING PAID FOR IT.

I am not saying that prisoners should not be allowed to better themselves for when they are released back into the public but forming a Union is one right they should not have. In Canada we take better care of our criminals then we do of our seniors or our poor.

In a country where people have to choose between [paying rent or buying food it is an INSULT to  those of us who do follow the rules that this is even being given serious consideration.

In the article “Their lawyer Natalie Dunbar says organizers at Mountain Institution in Agassiz are trying to sign up members for ConFederation, Canadian Prisoners’ Labour Union, Local 001.” I say we as tax payers make our voices heard and let Ms. Dunbar know that she will meet with fierce opposition from the public. Let her know that her and her Firm will be boycotted by the public, and that if they cannot see that the good of the many outweigh the good of the lawbreakers, then we will hold them responsible.

The article also says “She says the inmates are not trying to create another prisoners’ rights group but want the right to assemble as any other workers to vote about forming a union that will deal with their various complaints.” So here is the answer…don’t break the law and you won’t have to go to jail and deal with them. Pretty fucking simple. If we were to stop caring so much for what the poor prisoners have to deal with and care more about the victims of crimes have to deal with maybe we might get to see chain gangs cleaning up our highways, and who knows maybe even see a drop in crime.

Now for you lawyers out there just remember I have always said that this blog is MY Opinion and ONLY MY OPINION!!!!  But seriously we do need to make our voices heard.

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