How to get on a Government watch list

I am on so many fucking government watch lists it feels as though CSIS is my proctologist, and the only fucking reason I am on them is because I talk about the subjects the everyone else is too fucking scared to.

I have no god damned problem saying that G.W. Bush should have been shot. I am glad our country burned Washington and the White House. It is these statements that will get you watched, but the biggest thing you can not talk about is the Oil and Energy industry RAPING the land and poisoning our environment. If you need proof just look ask Wiebo Ludwig.

This Poor Bastard had the RCMP digging through his house non stop for 48 hours straight. WHY? Because he had the BALLS to speak out against EnCana Corp. Last October, local news outlets received an anonymous letter that demanded the “terrorists” of industry pack up and leave. Two days later, a blast damaged a sour-gas pipeline in the area. In the following 10 months, five more blasts followed. RCMP labeled the bomber a “terrorist” who was attacking critical energy infrastructure and endangering lives.

Now folks I will tell you that the word Terrorist to one man means freedom fighter to another. William Wallace was a Terrorist to the English, and a Martyr to the Scots, Mind you what anyone would want with the waste land in Northern England (AKA Scotland) is beyond me. Yasser Arafat was a terrorist, to the Isrealies. But the Palestinian people called him a hero. Fuck they gave that asshole the Nobel Peace Prize.

So you see on the one hand you have EnCana  supplying Jobs and boosting the economy of Tomslake BC, all the while spewing Toxic fumes into the atmosphere and drilling oilwells all to make more fucking money befor fosil feuls go the way of the Dinosaur (PUN INTENDED). And On the other hand you have the Eco warrior who is bombing the Pipeline and running the risk of killing Livestock and People in the area.

I am by no means saying that this is the right approach but something needs to be done before these cock suckers kill us all.After all Big Business is the biggest Terrorist  of all. There is nothing these twatwaffles won’t stoop to in order to make a fucking dollar.,including buying the U.S. Presidency for G.W. Bush and the American Republican – THE HOLY LIGHT OF GOD SHINES OUT OUR ASSHOLE Party

Now we know that the RCMP can not be relied upon to actually earn the money we pay them by doing anything that might resemble “INVESTIGATING”. Fuck that would be too much like asking a Christian to be non Judgemental. And the people of Tomslake know that the Bomber has to be a Local and either they have their heads up their asses or they  know that there is more then one person involved and are in fear that if EnCana leaves this small town  that it , like any sense of dignity big business has, their town will dry up and turn to Dust.

Hey here is a great idea why don’t we bring our troops back to Canada and have them fight the true Terrorist. Yes I am talking about the Conservitive Party of Canada. Or better yet lets send them to Calgary and have them wipe out the ECO-TERRORISTS like Shell, Exxon, Esso, andPetro Canada. Just a thought for you all.

Remember to Support Our Troops

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  1. I agree I am also sick and tired of this country going to hell and killing its own people for the sake of justifying a “war on terror.” Anyone with two brain cells knows full well if it wasn’t for oil we would never have set foot in the middle east. Not even to refuel our jets keeping an eye on the only countries that really could destroy us in about 38 minutes flat.

    It feels good to have stumbled upon your blog or whatever you call this to know that I am not alone in wishing that George W. Bush would be put on trial for the crimes he committed. But we both know that a full scale civil war would happen long before we could ever have that sort of justice.

    Speaking of which this Obama-Care is downright unconstitutional and if nothing prevents it before 2014 we could be looking at a chain of events over the next couple of decades that could put a large strain on our current freedoms or even wipe out most of our freedoms altogether.

    It’s about time we start to act here at home where our freedoms from the right to bear arms to the right to choose our health care provider are being thrown up for grabs. We as a nation should decide what’s good and what’s not and stop letting the select ‘elite’ few who happen to have ridicuosly large pocket books control our ‘descisions.’ I’m counting on some sort of uprising to take place by 2020 if not sooner. It’s not about wanting to fight over a disagreement its about wanting to fight for the right to live free.