Don’t Poke the Bear

You know one of the first things kids should learn when moving into an apartment is sound fucking carries. In some cases sound carries better then others. Some apartment buildings are made of concrete while others were made mostly with wooden frames and very little concrete.

This is the case in the building I live in. I recently got new up stair  neighbours and on the first weekend they were here I had to go up and politely ask them not  to keep jumping up and down on the floor as my 18 month old daughter was sleeping and the sound was waking her up. That night they kept me awake until 1:30 am.

Now I remember what it was like to get into a new place and have some friend over and sometimes get a little loud, so I let it go. The next night I was woken up at 4:30 am by the same fucking dimwitted cock sucking selfish little pricks. This time I mentioned it to the Super of the building he said that he and the property manager would be mention it to them on Tuesday when they did the suite inspection, that was today.

A few hours latter there is water dripping into my bathroom from the exhaust fan and the drywall is all soggy around the fan. The soon to be Darwin Award winners have been showering with out the use of a shower curtain and the water had been seeping through the floor into my ceiling. The plumber and Drywall guy will be here tomorrow to make sure it is not a broken pipe and to fix the damage.

Fast forward to 11:45 pm I get woken up by these wastes of sperm yelling and screaming and something that can only be described as the sound effects from the WWE Royal Rumble. SO I quickly get dressed and decide to pay them a friendly little visit. Okay I may not been so friendly and not that quiet and I think the guy may have shit himself before I was done, but let me assure you good reader they are as quiet as kittens up there now and I would be surprised if I hear anything else from them tonight. That being said they had already been told twice to keep the noise to a minimum once just a few hours earlier and the land lord had warned them that I was not really the person they wanted to piss off.

So now it is an hour later and I am now wide awake after settling my daughter back to sleep. I have written a formal letter of complaint to the Super and decided to share this with you all.

So what does this all prove? Easy some people are just too fucking STUPID TO LIVE!!! These fucknuts never seem to learn DON’T POKE THE BEAR!!!

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I remain

The Crank Old Bastard


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