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So I was surfing the web today when I came upon this blog ( Now this fucktard is obviously American because he writes.

This country was built on the voices of Christians who spoke out boldly on issues of public importance. On some issues, we cannot, in good conscience, be silent. However, we must remind ourselves that this world is not our home. Our perspective must be heaven bound; one of good will for all through the teachings of Christ, and of truth.
With the world in transition, the birth pangs increasing, and the unknown before us, Christians can take comfort in the shelter of God through His Son, Jesus Christ, and through His Word.

“Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.” (Joh 14:27 NASB)


I began this blog in response to what I perceived as an increase in anti-Christian sentiment on secular forums. Christians should be aware of the times they live in, but not succumb to the secular worldview.
Speak the truth in love, but for heaven’s sake, SPEAK THE TRUTH!
It is inevitible that not all vews will be accepted and not all will agree, but Christians aren’t bound to pleasing men, but God. I am, at times, brutally frank, but you will know exactly who this blogger is.
You will find varied subjects, politics, Bible studies, sometimes just fun…(basically, it’s a place where my thoughts find a home) but always with a Christian outlook. All I can say is….ahhhh….a place of refuge. Come in, grab a cup of coffee and explore my mind…leave comments so I can explore yours. Smile.


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Now first of all the people who founded that country were fucking Puritans, that means they were so fucking uptight that they got kicked out of every decent country in the world, but the people who built it up saw that there were more then one paths people could choose to follow, That is why Supposedly< the Americans have freedom of religion, unless of course you are Moslem, Pagan, Hindu, or any other religion the Jew or Christian.

Secondly this asshat says some bullshit about earth not being home and they can not remain silent on some issues. When the fuck have Christians remained silent? From the Crusades right down to the Gulf War Christians have been to blame for every major war. Fuck even Hittler was a Catholic. So if this is not your Home, GET THE FUCK OFF MY PLANET

If he started his blog due to “an increase in anti-Christian sentiment” then maybe he should wonder why that sentiment is so prevalent. Could it be that Christians have been trying to shove their believes down everyone else’s throats for centuries? Or that people are starting to realize just how Hypocritical Christians are?

  He begs us to speak the truth but the Vatican hides scrolls away that would be damaging to that church if they were ever to be seen by the public. On his site he mentions “the Royal Library was accidentally burned by Julius Caesar in 47-48 B.C” but he doesn’t mention the Roman Catholic Church burning libraries to hide the truth for people. Now if by some chance something dose leak out, like the Gospels According to St. Thomas, the closest thing to Christ’s true words, they get dismissed as hearsay.


Now I admit  it has been  many years since I read the bible, I have better things to do like fornicate, but I seem to remember that in that book of lies Jesus tells his followers to “Love thy neighbours as ye love yourself”

I often wonder why Christians can not be more Christ like. Fuck I will even volunteer to be the guy who nails them to the crosses.

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    (Oh yes, you certainly prove the point I was trying to make, and…I’m not a “he”.)

    • The Cranky Old Boy says

      My Deepest Appologies… NOT!!!!Christians really need to pull their heads out of their asses and stop relying on a book of stories that was written by MAN FOR A MAN, And come on admit it you are a man trapped in a womans body aren’t you. By the way you are welcome