Rush Sucks and other music truths

Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and they all stink. Except for mine. I just finished watching VH1’s top 100 Greatest Rock songs and I have to ask, WHERE THE FUCK DID THEY GET THE PEOPLE THAT ANSWERED THIS POLL? I mean who the fuck would put Guns and Roses over Led Zeppelin.

I swear the fuckers that took this poll must be on Crack. Jimi Hendrix was NOT even in the top ten, Stevie Ray Vaughn was NOT even mentioned, but asshole heroin addicts like Nirvana make this list? There is something seriously fucking wrong here people. 

The darkest day in history was the day John “Bonzo” Bonham died and Led Zeppelin broke up. The second darkest day was the day Kurt Cobain was born. If it had not been for bands like Zeppelin, the Who and the Rolling Stones (another band that did not even make the list) most of what you brainless fucks call music today would not be around. These bands paved the way for today’s music, if that is what you want to call that shit the put out today. 

Even Puff Daddy, diddy, piddly pants, what ever the fuck his name is knows how good Led Zeppelin is that is why he had Jimmy Page give him permission to use Kashmir to his only good fucking song, and I use that word loosely. 

Someone please tell me in what world would Jon Bon-Jovi and Rush rank greater then Black Sabbath ,The Who, let alone Led Zeppelin? There is NO music made today there hasn’t been any “Music” made in the last ten fucking years. The Shit they play in bars can not be called music and we all know Country Music is an Oxy Moron and you can’t spell Crap with out RAP. So where does this leave us? My guess would be up shit creek without a paddle. Thank God I have my music collection to blare out the mindless bullshit they are pumping out now. 

Now on a side note. 

I always sign off with my usual “Until next time I remain the Cranky Old Bastard.” But as off today Jan 1st 2010 I am adding” Remember, Support our Troops.”  Because I truly feel these men and women are risking their lives for us whether or not you agree with where they are and what they are doing there they deserve our support. If you want them out of places like Afghanistan write your MP but support the troops. 

Remember, Support our troops.
Until Next Time
I remain 

The Cranky Old Bastard


  1. imagine any other ref in there and what they would’ve done?

  2. It was great watching diego sanchez getting his ass kicked.

    • The Cranky Old Boy says

      Big Fucking deal go out side get a life and learn wresting and MMA are NOT REAL and what the fuck does wrestling or MMA have to do with the fact that RUSH SUCKS!!!?

  3. Rush does suck!

  4. Rush sucks