Americans are the smartest people in the world? Since When?

In case you do not know, and I doubt most of you would bother to put forth the effort to figure this out. Google offers what is known as “Google Alerts” Now what that means is you create an account with Google and supply your email address and enter in the topics you want to be kept up to date on, and then like magic you get daily updates..

Some of the tings I watch for are Stupid Questions, Stupid Criminal, and Stupid Quotes. The following was in one of those categories;



You’re Calling Me Stupid

Two cases in which the word “stupid” was thrown around have become newsworthy lately. One received a great deal of press attention, while the other received relatively little.

In both cases, men accusing others of stupidity have behaved stupidly.

The first man is Barack Obama, who of course called a member of the Cambridge Police Department, “stupid” for arresting a belligerent African-American professor. After refusing to apologize, Mr. Obama invited the men to the White House for a beer to have a dialogue regarding the matter.


The only dialogue should have been the two men, President Obama and Professor Gates, apologizing to Sergeant Crowley, and Sergeant Crowley accepting the apology.

Two men were in the wrong and one was in the right.

A police officer, risking his life as always, goes to investigate a break-in and is immediately accused of racism, instead of receiving a heartfelt, “thank you.”

But Professor Gates wants Sergeant Crowley to understand why African-Americans always suspect racial profiling when dealing with police, and why Sergeant Crowley should take an even greater risk the next time he puts on his uniform so he won’t be perceived as racist by the next African-American who immediately plays the race card anytime something negative happens. But in reality, any future behavior modification by Sergeant Crowley could get him killed.

As with their insistence the prison at Guantanamo Bay is shut down, liberals love to put the safety of decent Americans at risk to ensure the civil rights of criminals. And no, Professor Gates is not a criminal, but Sergeant Crowley didn’t know that at the outset.

The other man is Bill Maher, who called Americans, “stupid.”

Because they’re busy working and spending time with their families, many Americans are ignorant about politics. It’s not because they’re stupid, Americans are the smartest people in the world, it’s because they’re busy putting food on the table, and spending the precious few moments they have to spare with their children.

The American people are also ill-informed because the mainstream media lies to them in order to promote liberal candidates.

But guess what Mr. Maher, that ignorance led to the election of Barack Obama, and is why your party, the Democrats, control Congress.

Had American citizens been completely aware of the fact that Barack Obama is a socialist, the majority of our center-right country would have never voted for the man.

But because, up until a few months ago, Americans had to work extremely hard to succeed, most were so busy that they didn’t have time to thoroughly investigate then Senator Obama, and the mainstream media wasn’t about to tell them the truth.

“Stupid” people are the ones who look at socialism, see that it has never worked, yet actively promote it with deceit and bully tactics. Stupid people are those you claim to be, “visionaries.”

Ok so lets look at what Twatwaffle has to say. He is bitching about Barack Obama for calling a cop stupid for arresting some one. What should the cop have done shoot the motherfucker? If he had done that then everyone would be yelling racist and wanting to string the fucker up. If you become belligerent with a Cop they least you should expect is to be arrested. The guy was lucky the cop didn’t taze him or pepper spray at the very least. But even then people have their heads so far up their asses they would have screamed that it was because of RACE. Race will ONLY BE AN ISSUE AS LONG AS WE MAKE IT AN ISSUE. If both of these idiots in the incident were of the same colour it never would have made the news.

Well we can all see this fucker never set foot outside of the U.S. because he says “Americans are the smartest people in the world”

YEAH RIIIIIIGHT and the Catholics never persecuted the Jews either. Anyone who has even cracked a book written outside of the states knows how fucking STUPID most Americans are. If they were so fucking smart why can’t they find Osama Bin Laden?

So I also have an issue with the comment where he starts with “But because , up until” so what the fuck happened did the Americans suddenly discover an extra hour in the day? Do U.S. Days have 25 hours instead of 24? Why is it suddenly that they now have time to “thoroughly investigate then Senator Obama”? Or did the Mainstream Media suddenly decide to start telling the truth. Okay we all know the mainstream Media would not know the truth is it bit them in the ass, so why is this now an issue?

I think it is obvious to anyone with half a brain, yes that includes Americans, that this guy is a right wing fundamentalist and most likely devout Christian that believes Pat Robertson’s story about Haiti’s earthquake and the devil pact. But that is no reason to ignore him. Ignoring these fuckheads is how they grow more powerful. Remember  Adolf Hitler said it the best “The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force”


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