The World is full of losers

We have fucking MORONS making pod casts for World of Warcraft (or as I call it World of Warcrap) or worse yet blogging about it. But what is worse then these fuckers, are the stupid assholes who don’t even have the intelligence to play a mindless Role Playing Game, maybe because Mommy thinks it is satanic and they will burn in Hell, but we won’t go there today.  No today we are going to talk about asshats like the dimwitted cock sucker who has nothing better to do then to make STUPID videos about wrestling, and Mario Brothers (


Now first of all I will start out by saying that pro wrestlers are in Great shape and they put their bodies through fucking hell, but we all know that it is all pre-arranged and they know who will win and who will do what, when. But to combine the moments, from wrestling, that give you a chubby and combine them with the sounds from Mario Brothers, screams that this fucker has NO LIFE. I am willing to bet this fucker is either from Alberta or Alabama, both well known for being the inbred capitals of their respective countries, if not then we are all in serious fucking trouble. Seriously people!! What the fuck is the world coming to? Do any of you idiotic fucks know enough to come in from the rain? Or are we all doomed by these helmet, wearing short bus riding imbeciles? Don’t they have schools for these people?  What the fuck are our tax dollars going for? The next fucking thing you know they will have video games in the fucking Olympics.

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