Wastes of Sperm

You fucking know who you are! The stupid mother fuckers driving rice rockets along the highways, 40 clicks over the posted speed limit, Passing  on a double yellow line (Much like the ones running down your backs) while going up a hill and around a bend in the road. Then you are the first fuckers to whine  when one of you gets hit by an other vehicle. You fucking cry about being forced to wear a helmet when most of you should have been fucking wearing one while riding the short bus to school.  Unfortunately for the rest of us, there are these helmet laws to keep you fuckers alive. What ever happened to natural fucking selection?  It is because of assholes like you lot that the Darwin Awards may soon be a thing of the past. If any of you had any fucking brains I would be surprised. Don’t get me wrong there are smart riders out there that know what the fuck they are doing, I am one of those, for the rest of you it is a shame that your collective mothers never learned to swallow, because you all should have been Blow Jobs.

Until next time, I remain

The Cranky Old Bastard