Submit your candidate for TWATWAFFLE OF THE WEEK

Yes that’s right I am asking you all to send me submissions for the TWATWAFFLE OF THE WEEK. I will post the submissions, anonymously of course because you fucking cowards lack the balls to name yourselves, so here is the deal.

You send me an email with your nominations (my email is I will check it out and post it. I have to be able to verify what you send to me. I will NOT post peoples full names, this is to protect you dumb cock suckers as well as myself. There will be a poll to vote on the Twatwaffle of the week. At the end of the week there will be Twatwaffle of the month, and the end of the year will see Twatwaffle of the year. Sorry Twatwaffle of the Century has already been won by George W. Bush

I am also going to be the first to make a Nomination for this dubious honour. I have already mentioned these inbred mother fucking retards a few days ago but their story gets better. Yes I am talking about the dumb assed couple from Georgia that decided to Tattoo their kids. This stupid Bitch actually goes on Camera saying “I wasn’t breaking the skin.“

 WAKE THE FUCK UP CUNT!!! These are children they CAN NOT make an informed consent they do not know how much it is going to hurt, and YOU ARE NOT A PROFESSIONAL. So how the fuck do you know how deep you are going and if it will fade. Jesus Christ are you so fucking stoned that you can not see why you were arrested?

If you look at these two sad fucks you can hear the song Dueling Banjos playing in the back ground. They look like something straight out of Deliverance. I am amazed that this fat bitch could even spell tattoo let alone give one. But Judge for your selves

What is even more sad is that these fuckers ( figure they have to have a Poll to see if Tattooing a child is wrong. OF COURSE IT IS WRONG YOU STUPID FUCKS TATTOOS HURT AND THAT IS NO PAIN TO PUT A CHILD THROUGH.

So there you have it tell your friends, if you truly have any, and tell them to come vote.

Remember to Support Our Troops

Until Next Time
I remain

The Cranky Old Bastard


  1. Good to see your site is back up today, when it didn’t work yesterday I thought something bad might have happend.

    • The Cranky Old Boy says

      Took the day off yesterday so I was not aware of any problems thanks for following