Death to America and other warm fuzzy thoughts

Like any good Canadian, I watched Canada get screwed out of it’s sixth consecutive Gold medal in the IIHA Hockey today, and I have to ask. How much did the U.S have to pay to get the refs to throw the game to them? While Canada was penalized for  checking from behind the U.S. team did the same thing on more then one occasion and nothing happened.

Piss poor officiating in both the games between these two teams was just one major problem I had. Although both teams played well and hard the Canadians must have known going into the game that the odds were stacked against them. The U.S. in such terrible shape right now that any defeat makes the people start to take notice.

For fuck sakes people these are kids under 20 years old and should NOT have to be political pawns. Nothing pisses me off more then when a good sports rivalry is used and abused to futher  a countries fucked up  politics.

For the lads on Team Canada, we all know who the real winners of the game were and you played well.

Now you all might just be wondering why I used the title I did. SIMPLE I WANT THE U.S. TO TAKE NOTICE. If you are brave enough to use any of the following terms;

  • Death to America
  • Bomb The White House
  • Kill the President
  • America is Satan (my personal favourite)
  • Kill Bush
  • American Infidels

As well as many more, then you or your website goes on a U.S. govt watch list. Personally I  hope they read this and take note that  not everyone out there is buying their BULLSHIT. Not all of us are misguided  by whether Tiger Woods if fucking  half the country clubs in the states. Some of us can see that you are forcing your Neo-Nazi mother fucking policies on everyone else because you can not protect your own cocksucking country.

You fucktards can not even keep Mexicans from coming into your country right underneath your own noses. Gods help anyone that might voice an opinion that is in any way countrary to your plan, because those poor fuckers will get  hung out and called ANTI AMERICAN.

There are still places in the states where they insist on serving “Freedom Fries” instead of French Fries. Man the French do one fucking thing right and they get FUCKED UP THE ASS big time.

There has not been one HONEST president in the U.S. since J.F.K. and we all know what happened to that poor fucker. There are one or two good  Americans out there that know that The U.S. is not the best place to live but it beats  some of the others. I just wish there were more of them.

NowI thought I should also share this with you all because you all know how much I love World of Warcraft. I saw this and thought to myself. “This Stunned Fuck needs a life”

Remember to Support Our Troops

Until Next Time
I remain

The Cranky Old Bastard


  1. I thought you’d be interested to know, that while perusing your hateful ramblings, Amazon recommended two different World of Warcraft products. Because you’re such a fan.

  2. The Cranky Old Boy says

    Yeah, well you know some of the fucktards that come here have no life and will be playing that game instead of doing their sisters so it all well and good. They also advertise books about and By George Bush. I guess there must be a shortage of toilet paper somewhere.

  3. I see Penn easily taking Hughes, Kos, and more than likely fitch at WW.