Involuntary suspension from phallocentric activity.

So much has been done in the name of being politically correct that some people have stepped over the lines of common sense. For instance; if you were to go to Google and type in the words “politically correct fairy tales” You would find some of the following.

Red Riding hood

Three Little Pigs

Snow White

But this is just the tip of the fucking Iceberg people. Some parents are calling for the old bedtime stories that were told to us as children to be altered to be more “child friendly.” More child friendly? WHAT THE FUCK? These are fucking fairly tales we all knew that they were not real.  And the kids that did believe them rode the short bus to school.

Maybe they think the kids are getting scared by these stories. Like that is a bad thing. Maybe they would like it if their kids thought there were no such things as Sher-khan the man eating Tiger. Or the Wolf in all the fairy tales like Peter and the Wolf. Because we all know Wolves won’t attack people ever. And no one has ever been eaten by a Tiger

No more do we have dwarves we have little People. Blacks are now African Americans (I doubt many of them have ever fucking been to Africa) Sluts are now Flight Attendants,

and a woman with a nice rack will now be referred to as thoracically enhanced

Now just to make sure that we know this shit is global let’s look at The UK. One in ten parents in the UK said Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs should be re-titled  -  because ‘the dwarf reference is not PC’.  WHAT THE FUCK? A fifth of parents said fairytales were no longer politically correct, while 17 per cent worried they would give their children nightmares. Great let Darwin proof he was right with these kids because these are the kids that will be weeded out with Natural Selection, they will be the weak ones  and the reason the Gene pool need to be Chorinated.

But what really takes the fucking cake has to be the City of Portsmouth England. In their infantile wisdom they started printing taxi-driver licence applications in braille. YES BRAILLE!!! I am sorry but there are enough blind cocksuckers on the road already, and most of them work as Police Officers. Nowhere needs blind taxi drivers. But I will let you all read the story for your selves.–Braille.html#ixzz0eBrK7PVq

In Canada we have three Offical written languages, English, french and Braille, but I would hope that our elected officials are smarter then to try to do shit like this. But then again they have proven how utterly stupid they are, so I highy expect it from them.

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