Take Responsibility

Nothing Pisses me off more then people who fucking blame others for their own actions. You all know one of these fucktards, they try to pass the buck whenever something goes wrong. They are the same fuckers that borrow things and either A) never return them or B) return them dirty, broken or missing something, then get all pissy when you bring it to their attention.  In my case it is a sister who tried to shift the blame onto me  when she could not return my stuff in the same way it was lent to her.

Now we all have to live with these people and we all have one in our family. We may have to live with them but we can all learn from these mistakes. Lets make these assholes own up for their actions either make them leave a deposite, yes even if they are fucking part of your inbred families, or make them replace the item. Or better yet lets not lend them anything again, maybe then these fuckers will get the fucking hint.

Until next time I remain

The Cranky Old Bastard