World of….. WANKERS!!

What the FUCK is wrong with you people? Obviously you have no fucking life and have never seen the outside of your mother’s basement. You all know who I am talking about, these fucking losers that play World of Warcraft. I am willing to bet that they are all inbred and the only time they ever get laid is by their sisters of first cousins. It fucking amazes me that these  shit for brain lowlifes even know HOW to operate a computer  Take the idiot in this  video for instance (


 It would not surprise me to find out this was staged but there are inbreds like this out there, Need Proof? Then check this cock sucker out (


There are even people that need to make up a fucking life  because they the goddamned social skills of a lobotomized HAMPSTER!! And if these were not proof enough  I came across this site  one day while I was bored ( now this rat bastard must not  have any kids or even know what a girl is, I mean come on people if you are this fucking bored go masturbate for fuck sakes. Better yet GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE HOUSE AND MEET SOME REAL PEOPLE!!! And one more question. WHAT THE FUCK IS A MOHAWK GRENADE? I keep seeing Mr. T on T.V.  saying “I’m Mr. T and I’m an 9th level elf lord ” or some shit like that when he should be saying “I’m Mr. T and I’m a washed up HASBEEN Motherfucker” Fuck even Ozzy  sold out to this shit am I the only person left in the world with any real dignity left?

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