Welcome to the United States. Please bend over and grab your ankles.

 So I am watching Team Canada play Slovakia today and in between periods I switch over to the News program and I see that people who are traveling to the U.S are now being subjected to pat downs. Now you would better know this as either being frisked or how your local Catholic priest touches the neighbourhood boys… now wait they have to bend over too.

I guess these fucktards read my blog, because they are saying that these are “security upgrades”. I know some of the people that work airport security and there is NO FUCKING WAY IN HELL I would let these Neanderthals touch me with a ten foot pole, let alone have them pat me down. I mean these cock-suckers are severely twisted. But that is for another time.The U.S. has become so fucking uptight they make Jimmy Swaggart look like Aton LeVey’s more statistic kid Brother.

They figure that if they keep the populace scared enough they will be able to get away with Murder. Do you really think that the same flight from Amsterdam would be the target of any real terrorists? Fuck no!! Think about it the same Airline, the same Departure point, the same Arrival point, Fuck even the same Flight Number. You would think that they could at least be a little more original when trying to fuck over the entire country.Because of the U.S. being so anal retentive, we as Canadians must also suffer because Stephen Harper wants us to be like him and TAKE IT UP THE ASS FROM UNCLE SAM.

You know what I am thinking that maybe they need to be more paranoid in the States. They should become so fucking paranoid they close the border between us. That way we would only have to deal with the Dumbasses from Alberta

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