More Proof of the Christian Subversive movement

So in the hopes of helping people realize the need for separation of Church and State, I have been continuing my research  to provide you all with proof from their own mouths that Christians are trying to undermine our Government and imposed their believes onto the rest of us.

Not happy with stirring up shit in their own countries these Cock sucking Motherfucking shit eating waste of sperm from the U.S. want to bring their bible thumping rhetoric to Canada. I am talking about cum guzzling twatwaffles Like Pat Robertson and the 700 club, James Dobson and his Focus on the family group.

One of the pages I found on the Canadian Focus on the Family web site listed HOW they can sabotage our freedoms.  On this page they say

 Making things worse for people of faith has been the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. As we’ve seen time and again, it’s given unelected judges the clout to create new laws. That’s meant a loss of power not only for elected lawmakers, but also for Christians, says Manning. “The judiciary and the law schools, the elites, tend to be more secular than the population. So if you move the decision-making into those arenas, you lessen the religious influence.”


And they go on to state the following;

 A work in progress
So where do we go from here? How can we still impact Canadians for Christ? The best place to start is in Scripture. Jesus gave instructions to His disciples to “be wise as serpents and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10:16). As Manning sees it, what we need are some new “inspired tactics.”

That can mean simply finding people where they are and offering our friendship. Soon, there will be more older people in Canada than children. More and more people are going to be in failing health. They’ll be fearing death and wondering about life after death. Here’s a chance for Christians to come alongside the widows, the sick and the dying, to offer them care and comfort in this life and hope for the next. “That’s an enormous opportunity to make a great contribution and it’s certainly an opportunity to affirm faith,” says Manning.

There is no better way to make a difference than to identify with suffering, as Jesus did. Don’t just say you’re against abortion; love and accept the woman who’s had an abortion and is grieving the loss of her baby. Don’t just say everybody should have a roof over their heads; love the homeless and give them your spare bedroom. Don’t just say you’re against child abuse; love the abused child and try to become his or her foster parent.

And above all, let’s keep believing that God’s not finished with us yet.

“I’m trusting God for revival,” says Hird. “God is using many groups to plant churches all across our nation. God is creating niches, particularly among the various ethnic groups. I think maybe God is sending Christian Asian and South American and African people to Canada to really re-evangelize us. A lot of young people are hungry for truth.

“And we’ve got a wonderful heritage we can claim and bring back out of the closet.”

“Inspired tactics” sounds like they are making a battle plan to me. They plan on preying on the  “more older people in Canada” Yeah sure prey on the ones that are nearing the end of their life, the ones that are scared about what is next. Feed those fears; tell them if they are not like you terrible things will happen to them. Prey on the sick and infirm. While they are at it they should add the mentally ill to their list, because like the aging and the terminally ill these are prime candidates for Christian Brain washing.

More of their claptrap goes on to say;

So while Canada’s Christian heritage has slipped out of public sight, other realities have taken its place, such as the redefinition of marriage and of a parent, unregulated abortion on demand, a loosening of what’s obscene, and so on.


It is called EVOLUTION!!! But wait your brain-dead assholes don’t know about evolution do you? If you could wake up and smell the fucking roses  or even read more of your bible then what suits your own purpose then you might realize that GOD IS INSIGNIFICANT.

On an Upbeat note I did find this GREAT website for you all to visit

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