Gotta get there fast, and other small penis compensations

  I live in the Pacific Northwest. I know I have said that before, but you stupid ass wipes would not remember that, hell most of you can not remember your own  names if your Mommy did not sew it into your underwear.

Now one of the main features out here is the fact that it rarely snows here. Matter of fact we get more rain then snow, but I can deal with that. What I have a problem with is these assholes out on the road that feel that because they have a small dick that it gives them the right to go faster then anybody else on the road. 

You know who you are. you drive big pick up trucks, S.U.V.s, or sports cars done up with all the bells and fucking whistles on them. The more gadgets and shit they have on the vehicle the smaller their dick. 

Now you may be asking yourself “Why the fuck would this bastard care about other people’s dick size?” I DON’T FUCKNUTS!!!  (If you had any friends or even some self esteem you wouldn’t have to keep talking to yourself.) What I care about is the danger these cocksuckers pose to you and more importantly me. These fuckers think that because they have compensated so much that the rain won’t make the roads slippery and they don’t seem to think about other people that are on the road. They cut others off, weave through out traffic (never checking their blind spots), don’t know the meaning of the words yield or merge. And stop signs and red lights are only to be obeyed if there is a cop in sight, and we all know they are never around unless there is a doughnut shop near. 

I wonder when these stunned fucks will realize that the only women that are interested in them are the ones that are gold digging SLUTS, who think that if the guy can afford the vehicle then they must have money to spend on them. 

Tell you what, I will keep my big dick and 20 year old Chevy and the knowledge that my girlfriend is with me for more then my bank account. 

Until Next Time
I remain 

The Cranky Old Bastard