Money, Power, Sex, and Vaginas. The truth about it all.

Why the fuck is it women complain they are not treated equally and have no power? Women have half the money and all the pussy so they hold all the power. That little gash between your legs has every guy in the world held in its’ grasp. I don’t give a flying FUCK if they are gay or straight. They are either trying to get into it or wish they had it. Of course there are cunts out there that abuse this power; they use that gash to get what they want … hell they don’t even have to let the guy use it, just a hint at the promise is enough for some guys. If he thinks he is going to get to dip his cock into it, it will cause him to bend over backwards. God forbid you get a vindictive cunt that wants to fuck you up for life. They are out there don’t be fooled, these are the bitches that when you break up with them, they spend the next two years making your life a living hell, calling your friends telling them how much of a rat bastard you are, or even accusing you of sexual assault. Now guys this little trick can really fuck your life up. In our society if a woman screams sexual assault the cops arrest first and ask questions later. There doesn’t even need to be any proof. And if the charges get dropped, the fact that you were investigated stays with you for the rest of your fucking life, screwing you if you ever want to do volunteer work that involves kids.  This little trick makes it hard for the women who really do get raped because they are now scared to come forward. So these wastes of skin have equally fucked guys and chicks.

Now women don’t get you panties in a bunch guys can be pricks too. But it is not very often you hear about battered husbands, and very rarely do hear of a guy getting custody, fuck the woman can be a crack whore and the guy is a saint but she will get custody because she has a vagina. It is like the courts are sending out the message Vagina = better parent. And when was the last time you hear of a man getting support payments?

So face it guys, masturbation might make you blind but you will still have your house, your car, your money, and your self respect.

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