Why can’t we just Shoot the stupid ones?


In case you missed it STUPID PEOPLE PISS ME OFF!!! Now I have posted an incomplete list of  the stupid people that piss me off, I say incomplete because the list keeps growing and growing. I don’t think it will ever be complete, because these stupid fuckers keep breeding. 

Now I can hear you saying “What does the Bastard considered stupid?”  Well let me add to the list for you, oh witless reader. We already know Christians are stupid, so are Americans, the only thing the French are good for is hosting invasions, assholes that think that they MUST drive at least 20 kilometers over the posted speed limit fall into the  stupid people category. Anyone that thinks I give a RATS ASS about their opinion is stupid and therefore pisses me off. 

But today I want to talk about a certain group of cum guzzling, functioning abortions on Facebook that have started a group called “Soldiers are not heroes”. Now my first question to these FUCKTARDS is who the fuck do you gave you the right to be able to voice this opinion? I’ll make it easy for you so you don’t have to fucking your sisters… The SOLDIERS DID!!! NOT the politicians. The soldiers are the ones who defend that right for you (unless you live in the U.S. then you only have the Illusion of free speech). 

Second Question. If you don’t like the fact our soldiers are out doing a Job you don’t have the fucking balls to do then why don’t you fucking move? Try China …lets see how far you get mouthing off over there. 

If you don’t have enough of a backbone to serve your country, don’t fucking insult those that have offered LIFE and LIMB. If it were NOT for the soldier more then Six Million Jews would have been killed, and we would all be doing the fucking goose step, and you twatwaffles would be some Nazi’s BITCH. 

I am not saying that all soldiers are perfect. There are assholes in every group. God knows I have met more then my share of Stupid fucks who have their heads up their asses so far they have to yawn to see daylight. But Soldiers are out there doing a THANKLESS JOB the ONLY DAY they are even thought about is Nov 11th. 

I hope these wastes of sperm read this Post but I doubt they will because most of them can not read (That is what happens when first cousins marry) 

So remember if you don’t stand behind our troops. Feel free to stand in front of them. 

Until Next Time
I remain 

The Cranky Old Bastard


  1. Michael Colvin says

    I got this link off the petition site where you posted it.. and well that group is just as bad.

    I was banned by the admin of it, Ashley J, for pointing out the lies Anna N, the defacto cult priestess of SANH (Soldiers are Not Heros)spouts, and used her own words against her.

    Instead of coming to the aid of an ex vet, Ashley decided to cricify me instead. For me speaking against SANH I’ve had them commit libel, Defamation of character, my IP address posted.. .etc..etc.. nothing was done, but as soon as I went after Anna.. Man the shit started to fly.

    Back to SANH itself… if you read their group description, they refer to themselves as a cult…a religion and use terms like collective consiousness…. Not a place I’d want to be drinking the kool-aid at.

  2. The Cranky Old Boy says

    Micheal Thanks for your Coments I edited the names,to prevent anyone taking legal action against you.

    Keep on Reading


  3. Michael Colvin says

    I appreciate that…

    Also, Ashley J after banning me decided to keep posting about me… using the “poor me” tacic, and also using one of SANH’s favorite tactics… incomplete info. Ashley also deleted the comments that led to the argument and me quitting. There’s also speculation that her and Anna are the same person even moreso dow than before.

    The feeling by quite a few is the petition group is a SANH one in disguise.


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