Do I look like some one who gives a FUCK

I received an email from a simpleton( ) out there that actually thinks I give a fuck about them their lame assed fucking opinions. While I welcome you twatwaffles to write to me you should also know that by doing such, you open yourself to my ridicule as well as that anyone else that may happen upon this site. So I figured I would share the email with you all and then I would respond to said email here on MY website.

“This country is built upon the good, solid principles taught to us by our Lord Jesus Christ, and fortunately for this country his followers are more numerous than the godless heathens you represent. Our Sunday practices, our spiritual holidays, our politics and teachings have been a time honoured tradition since this country was born, and since the birth of the Christian religion.  Why shouldn’t we want to share the teachings of our Saviour with people everywhere?  Why shouldn’t holidays like Christmas that have brought so much joy and spiritual salvation to children and families everywhere, be public?  Why shouldn’t we allow our prayers and holy songs in malls, schools, and other public locations? Jesus was born and died for us, and it is up to us as good Christians to spread the word of his teachings and glorify Him as our Saviour.


I know that, when I die, I will go to Heaven to be with Jesus in a place of eternal love and light.  Go on; keep spewing that godless tripe you are so fond of.  I rest easy knowing in my heart that there is place called Hell for the likes of you.”

Okay so we know by the spelling that this irritant is at least somewhat educated, the very fact that they know the proper spelling of Honoured and Saviour gave me some hope that they might be somewhat intelligent, but then they have to show us all the depths of their ignorance by talking about how this country was blah, blah, blah,. NEWS FLASH!!! THIS COUNTRY WAS BUILT UPON THE EXPLOITATION OF THE IDIGINOUS PEOPLE AND WILDLIFE. Wait that is a very Christian thing to do, however.

They go on to try to justify their pitiful beliefs and their even more pitiful existence by  lecturing us all on how GREAT  Christianity is and how we should all be grateful that they share “the teachings of our Saviour with people everywhere” Come on fuck face admit the truth. You religion is force down the throats of  everyone and if one person dares to stand up and say anything that might contradict you narrow view you resort to your little book of stories and Public school name calling like  “godless heathens”

The very fact that you insist on your irrational shit being taught in Schools is because you are afraid that if it is not a child might grow up with an open mind, and actually question your book of lies.

I know that when they die they will not know what the fuck to expect because no one knows for sure. I am willing to bet that this fucktard actually thinks that the idea of “Intelligent Design” is true.

For those of you too ignorant to know what I am referring to the intelligent design theory can be found here ( )  but I will give you the simple answer. God Placed the Dinosaur bones there for people to find, and made them look to be Millions of years old. Please note how this web site refuses to use God in any statements in order to lend this theory some creditability. Charles Darwin would be rolling in his grave if he saw this shit.

Now this person can go to their grave (the sooner the better IMHO) thinking what they want as for me I will stick with my “Lucky Astrology Mood Watch.”

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