75% of today’s youth is retarded

75% of today’s youth is retarded. There I said it and I mean it. Over 75 % in fact can not spell beyond an 4th Grade level. I know what you are thinking and I know that most of you can not spell beyond a 4th grade level that is why I use small words so I won’t confuse you all.

 It seems that under the cover of making every child feel special our Government has legislated schools to turn out a bunch of fucking dim witted idiots. That is of course if you send your child to Public school. If you can afford a private school, who cares if your kids is a fucking Moron? After you’re dead they will live off your estate and be well off the rest of their lives.

 Not only are the kids out there stupid but they lack any social grace or manners. They barely know what basic hygiene is and I doubt many of them shower more then once a month. Then these little bastards get on public transportation and stink the place up with their B.O. and body sprays.

If you read half the shit on the web today, the moronic youth prove that spelling is no longer something to strive to excel at. Instead they think ur is the proper way to spell You are, dunno instead of don’t know, etc. And the worst thing about this is you fucking morons allow this shit to happen. WE PAY OUR TAXES TO PAY FOR SCHOOLING AND WE ARE NOT GETTING OUR MONIES WORTH. How fucking dense do you all have to be not to see that?

This is all done so Junior won’t have to go through school knowing what it is like to not succeed at everything. So what happens when Junior goes out to the real world and finds out that it is indeed very competitive out there and your boss doesn’t see that you are special and received a gold ribbon for participating in the third grade whack off? Who cares if little Susie came in dead last behind the kid that wears a helmet and doesn’t play sports? She got a shiny medal for showing up that day and it makes her feel special.

If our kids don’t know what it is like to fail then they will be in a world of fucking hurt when they go out to find a job. Failure is part of growing up and no child should be robbed of this valuable life lesson. NOT EVERY KID IS GREAT AT DOING EVERY THING. With out failure we would not know the Joy of success.

This is just another way that our Government, the people we elect and WE PAY TO WORK FOR US try to treat us as we were all fucking children. They try to keep us stupid and placid by telling us our kids are all super. If you listen closely you can hear Denis Leary saying “Yeah we’re all just fucking SUPER!”

So while you are sitting there telling Junior or Susie how great she did and it is not winning or losing but the fact that they were there I will be teaching my Kids to do their best and failure is always and option. Maybe not the best Option but still and option and there will be people out there that do things better then they do. “Suck it up and move on, learn that lesson and you will be better for the learning experience.”

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